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31 Homes Hiding Secrets

If the walls in these homes could talk! Find out what amazing, spooky, even crazy secrets these 31 homes are hiding.

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Secrets in the Suburbs

Maybe the suburbs aren’t as boring as you thought. This home in Oregon is a real bore from the curb but once inside it’s quite regal, including its 17th Century stained glass windows. See how to add to a home's curb appeal. Plus: 50 extremely remote castles you need to see.
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Royal Treatment

Stained glass windows from the 1700s and knights in armor are all around the house and the home contains several pieces of art like this. Wall art doesn't need to be as striking as this, but learn how to create DIY wall art for your home.
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The Last Home You'll Ever Need

This looks like a nice sitting room with a few TVs but it's actually inside an old missile silo in upstate New York. The listing mentions it stays around 50-55 degrees all year and is "relatively" dry. To pull off mid-century modern decor in your home, you need these 14 iconic elements. Learn affordable ways to keep a basement dry.
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The Yard's Not Bad Either

Another selling point: it's the only silo, which has functional main blast doors. Semi-functional blast doors won't cut it for today's missile silo buyer who wants protection against all kinds of nuclear attack. Add a floating shelf with a super-secret hiding spot to your living space. Get some ideas on how to finish a basement.
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Happy House Hunting

Be vewy, vewy qwiet, we're house hunting. This house might just pop out at you like a wascally wabbit. Learn what to avoid when house hunting.
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A Real Green House

This home, designed by Bercy Chen Studio, is based on Native American pit houses, which used thermal heating with their design. Learn all about geothermal heating.
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Cute but Wait

It looks like a cute little cottage from the curb. But wait. Find the best tiny homes for after retirement.
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Priceless View

Check. Out. The. View. This house in Dalkey, Ireland, is pretty pricey but a view like that will be priceless. Find out how to install a bow window. Photo: Courtesy of My Home
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Fun-filled Secrets

Another house in Dublin appears unassuming from the street but once inside it has some charm. Learn DIY projects you can do to add curb appeal to your home.
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Pick Your Game

Whether your game is pool or table tennis, the sporting interior of this home provides a delightful secret. Check out some awesome ideas for game rooms.
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Choose Your Own Adventure

Just a two-car garage? Think again. Check out these tips to get a garage organized.
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Spend a Night on the Moon

Orlando Theme Homes has a five-bedroom rental house that has mammoth amenities. Each bedroom has a different theme from castaway for the king master bedroom to the moon bedroom, which is space-themed. Also, the house has its own "drive-in" theater. Get some inspiration for your man cave with these man cave ideas.
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Don’t Let the Door Fool You

This is a nearly $3 million house in New Orleans. No, really, it is. Find out how to replace an exterior door.
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Now You See

Oh, maybe that’s why it's so valuable. Discover inexpensive kitchen remodeling projects that will make a kitchen shine.
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Looks Good but What’s Inside

It doesn't look big but this house in New Orleans has nine, yes, nine bedrooms and nine baths. With that many bathrooms, find out how to clean bathrooms faster.
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Amazing Interior

There's also a six-person sauna and a wine room. Check out the amazing décor and chandelier. Learn how to hang a light fixture at home.
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American Home

Down in Missouri this home looks like a pretty typical American home. Nearby schools include Mark Twain Elementary and there aren't many people more American than Twain. Find out what to do to prep a home for painting.
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Behind Door No. 1

Take a step to the back yard and look at that door. That door leads to a fallout shelter a few feet below and it looks like it was stocked with some items. If bomb shelters aren't your thing, try something that might produce more relaxing thoughts like a DIY water fountain.
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Part of the Landscape

The Iso Syöte Hotel in Finland has a cabin for guests that allows them to stay close to nature, maybe a little too close for some. Check out these amazing DIY cabin projects.
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Nature's Touch

The remnants of a tree sprawl across the cabin and the natural wood work stands out. If you like the rustic look of wood, check out how to build a rustic barn door. Photo: Courtesy of Beautiful Life
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Take Me to the Bar

This rural home in upstate New York looks like it's in a pretty quiet place but underground it might be home to one of the coolest speakeasies. Check out 15 of the coolest home bar ideas. Photo: Courtesy of
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Bomb of a Bar

At one time the owner of the home built a bomb shelter and then later down the road it turned into a bar filled with items from about the time the bunker would've been built. Learn how to build a bar of your own.
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Look Before you Leap

Out in Colorado, home of NORAD, there is a home that's prepared for a bomb strike with an underground bunker. The house sits on 10 acres with a riding arena for horses and a horse barn. No word on whether the bunker can hold the horses. Learn some DIY shed-building tips if you need a space to store equipment for animals. Photo: Courtesy of
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Poolside Convenience

This pleasant looking home with a three-car carport seems pretty nonchalant in California. Add more garage space with a bump-out addition.
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Mundane but Prepared

The outside of this California home doesn't scream excitement until you reach the backyard. Find out how to clean brick, if you've got a brick exterior. Photo: Courtesy of
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Backyard Bomb Shelter

The backyard features a pool, and oh, yeah, a bomb shelter. Learn the safety tips you need to know if you have a pool.
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The House on the Rock

The House on the Rock, located an hour west of Madison, Wisconsin, is many things but the first look at it doesn’t give you much to go on. It is built on a rock but you can’t tell that from the entrance. Learn the secret cleaning tips of the pros.
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Inside the House on the Rock

Once inside you can revel in the world of kitsch that Alex Jordan created. The house opened in 1960 and among the rooms it features is a carousel room that includes 269 carousel animals, 182 chandeliers, 20,000 lights and no horses. Other rooms include the infinity room, which walks out from the rock for a spectacular view. Discover the best hiding places in your house.
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The Paper House

The Paper House in Rockport, Massachusetts is exactly that, a house made from paper. It was built by Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer who designed machines to make paper clips. He started building the home in 1922 and though the paper was first used as insulation, it expanded into furniture. Stenman used pressed paper and a lot of varnish for the walls and paper logs for the furniture.

Photo: Courtesy of The Paper House

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Water Tower in Disguise

The House in the Clouds in Thorpeness, England provided the perfect cover for the town’s water tower. The clever “house” was built in 1923 and stands 70 feet high. The unusual design was meant as a way to get away from the utilitarian look of the water tower. The water tank was removed in 1979. These days the house has five rooms, three bedrooms and a room at the top, which provides an amazing view of the town below. Book a stay there by visiting the website.

Get your windows clean like a pro so you’ve got an incredible view at home.

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Plas Dduallt

Plas Dduallt is located in Wales and is a manor house that dates to the 15th century. It features a couple of quirks. Make sure you don’t have any quirks around the house by knowing how to instantly fix almost everything.

Photo: Courtesy of On the Market

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Chugging into Town

One of those quirks to Plas Ddaullt is that for a time it was only reachable by rail and only residents and visitors staying at Plas Ddaullt could use the private platform known as Campbell’s platform. Colonel Andrew Campbell bought the property back in 1962 and used to travel in his own locomotive to the residence. He also built a road.

The home is also said to be haunted and was featured on the UK program “Most Haunted.” Inside, the home also has a passageway beneath the balcony to a cellar. Check out what a modern day root cellar looks like and how much it can help with food preservation.

Photo: Courtesy of On the Market

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Brace for Some Surprises

A house like this looks like it’s ready to scream out secrets but this one holds some fun secrets.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

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Home Court

Neighbors reportedly of the house’s owner, Richard J. Malouf, who reportedly made his fortune in orthodontic chains, include Dirk Nowitzki, Phil Romano, the man behind Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and the parents of Luke and Owen Wilson. The gym you see here used to be part of a house. Then there’s a waterpark, tennis courts and bowling alley on the property. It’s for sale for a cool $23.9 million, which is down from its original price of $32 million last year.

Check out some other houses with amazing pools.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

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Hello Clarice

Some serious trivia buffs might recognize the décor of this home in Pennsylvania. Let’s just say it’s a long way from a Montana farm.

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If These Walls Could Talk

This house was used for the filming of “Silence of the Lambs” and it’s where Buffalo Bill lived. The home was built in 1912 and has four bedrooms and one bath. No word on what the basement looks like but learn the best tips that are going to turn your basement into a living space.

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Singer Castle, New York

Singer Castle is part of the Thousand Islands in St. Lawrence County, New York and used to be known as Dark Island Castle. It takes the name Singer Castle because Frederick Gilbert Bourne, president of Singer Corporation, manufacturer of the Singer sewing machine, owned the property. The family owned the castle from 1905 to the 1960s and it was built the same time as Boldt Castle. The castle got built for $500,000 in 1902 and features 28 rooms and three boathouses. The servants of Singer Castle are rumored to have spied on guests in the numerous tunnels. And there is a dungeon.

See how you should be winterizing your boat to save money.

Photo: Courtesy of Singer Castle

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Hidden Hideout

Three hours out of Manhattan in central New York sits this charming rustic getaway, not unlike this incredible getaway spot. It’s a restored mill that dates back to 1856 but that’s not the secret it holds.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

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Sneak Away

If the company you keep is driving you nuts temporarily, just lift the trap door to escape. This bookcase won’t lead to a secret room but you’ll be super surprised on what you can hide in it.

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Washington Lookout

This Tacoma, Washington home has a tremendous view of Commencement Bay but that’s not what might take your breath away. Take a look at some other homes that will take your breath away.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

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Cellar sanctuary

Wine lovers will rejoice with this hidden wine cellar tucked behind a bookcase. Check out another incredible wine cellar tucked away in an unusual spot.

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This home in Oklahoma City doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary. It appears like a fine domicile for raising a family with wonderful countertops. It turns out to be a bit of a curious place.

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Tamper Proof

Yes, that’s right, with the purchase of this home you will get your very own panic room. Wait out the end of the world or nuclear disaster from the comfort of a box in your garage. A more practical application of this idea might be a storm shelter, especially in Oklahoma. See how storm shelters can save lives.

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Old Brookville

As the name might suggest, there’s some history to this home in New York. The home dates back to 1680. Old homes can hold a lot of secrets, find out some secret problems an old home might have.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

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Hidden Rooms and Secret Passageways

The residence had a secret room hidden by a panel next to the fireplace where families kept their valuables at one time but was later removed during renovation. Later a bookcase replaced the panel and a lever was used to release the door to the secret room. There’s also a legend that the home was used as a location on the underground railroad because there was a tunnel that led to the woods, though the tunnel has been filled in for some time now.

You won’t believe the number of places you can hide things in the home. Ever thought of a garage door opener shroud?

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There’s Gold in Them Hills

Out in Arizona you can get house and a pail of gold. This house has 26 miles of tunnels along its 266 acres where the Octave Mine operated. The Octave has produced 200,000 ounces of gold while the house harnesses solar power, which seems like a mea culpa of sorts.

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Haunted Hills

The mine is thought to be haunted by the “Blue Devil” and SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Mines” came out to feature the mine.
See the scary sights of home inspector nightmare photos you’ve got to see to believe.

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Covert Connecticut

This Connecticut home is a six bedroom, four full bath manor, complete with a two-story cottage next door. What makes it especially interesting is the underground tunnel, which could make for a great wine cellar.

Keep your wine a little closer with a gorgeous wine rack for the kitchen.

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Mountain View

Nestled at the foothills of the Taconic Mountains in Vermont, this home holds 175 acres of beauty. It also holds a secret passageway that leads to its garage and barn.

Enjoy the charm of farmhouse style? Discover 20 easy ways to add farmhouse style to your home.

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Sweet Stroll

A sprawling 6-plus acre estate in Spokane, Washington has one of the greatest hidden secrets we’ve seen in some time.

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Gangster Getaway

It’s no secret that gangsters like Al Capone had several hideouts on the road. Some they owned and others they stayed in where owned by associates. This house in Michigan is believed to be a hideout for Al Capone. But that’s not the secret inside the house.

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Quick Exit

This door looks pretty intriguing and might’ve been an escape route for Capone, if needed. It led to Hickory Creek and last-ditch option for those on the lam.

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