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2022 Vision on Smart Toilets

Discover what a smart toilet can do for your health and lifestyle.

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The Future of the Toilet as We Know It

The first flushing toilet was invented in 1596, and almost 200 years later (1775) it was finally patented. Then, it took another 100 years before it left the rank of luxury amenity and became common in homes. In the last century, the evolution of our porcelain companion was still slow, but that has now changed with the introduction of “smart” technology in our homes. To call a toilet “smart” might be a dubious distinction, but I found in my research that there are some very practical features of this new generation of toilets and that the future of the toilet as we know it is far more exciting than its past.

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Best Entry Level: Ove Decors Smart Toilet

If you want to experience the best smart toilet features at a reasonable price, the Ove Decors smart toilet (735H) is the way to go. When you sit on the Ove, the deodorizing and water-heating functions start automatically. The soft-close heated seat has personalized settings that you can control either from the wireless remote or a control panel next to the seat.

This toilet also has most of the bidet features, such as heated water, water pressure control and heated dryer, that you would find on more expensive models. All of these features are adjustable, as is the position and spray of the bidet nozzle, and the bidet wands self-clean before and after each use.

This is not a tankless toilet, but it does just meet EPA standards with 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush) and flushes automatically when you stand up. There is also a night light mode to help you find your way in the dark. One potential drawback with this and other smart toilets is the George Jetson (ultra-modern) aesthetic that doesn’t fit within a more traditional-style bathroom, but perhaps its functionality and price outweigh its looks.

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Check out this video for more on these smart toilets:

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Best Eco Friendly: Dyconn Aqua

If your primary intent for purchasing a smart toilet is conserving water and energy, the Dyconn Aqua will meet your expectations without sacrificing the tech toileting experience. This is a tankless toilet that uses only 1.18 gallons per flush, and it has an on-demand water heater that activates only when you sit down, to reduce energy consumption. The heated soft-close seat also warms immediately upon sitting down, at which point you can use the handheld remote or the side control for bidet functions. There are two bidet wands that provide fore and aft cleansing. You can swap out the bidet wands for different spray options. There’s also a heated drying fan and a carbon filter deodorizing fan. Dyconn uses an anti-microbial coating on this toilet to reduce surface bacteria. Its square shape may raise comfort questions, but its green-minded features make it a conscientious choice.

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Note: This toilet is currently back-ordered, and we will update the Shop Now button when it’s once again available.

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If Money Is No Problem: Toto Neorest NX2

The MSRP on this Toto toilet is $12,000. Many of us might think it dumb to spend this kind of money on a toilet, no matter how smart it is. However, I think it’s worth the time to look at the Neorest NX2’s features because they indicate many possible future trends in toilets. The newest Toto innovation is their Actilight cleaning system, with an ultraviolet light mounted in the toilet seat that interacts with Toto’s Cefiontect glazing on the ceramic bowl to neutralize bacteria. Toto says this photocatalytic process breaks down even microscopic waste particles. In addition, the Neorest electrolyzes the water used for flushing, bidet functions and pre/post bowl misting. This all aids in keeping everything clean and fresh. The bidet functions are all adjustable and include a variety of spray-nozzle options, most notable of which is the Air-in-Wonder spray, which bursts droplets of water in succession. The automatic features are complete with an auto-opening and -closing seat, auto flush, auto-wand and -nozzle cleaning, auto deodorization and night light. The uber comfortable seat provides instant heating when you sit down. In addition, the system has learning capability and records your toilet usage preferences when you use the remote control. On top of all this, the shape and look of the Neorest, although very modern, is said to be inspired by handmade earthenware vases and is truly something beautiful to behold.

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Best for Small Bath Remodel: The SaniCompact

The Sanicompact might not fit the standard profile of a smart toilet, but the technology it offers is worthy of mention because it enables a homeowner to remodel on a budget or in a tight space that is tough to plumb. Often, the most expensive and challenging part of a bathroom remodel is getting the 4-in. waste pipe placed in the floor. Saniflo got around this situation by designing a macerating unit that grinds and minimizes the waste so it can be pumped out through a 1-in. waste pipe that goes into the wall. So, no need for that toilet flange in the floor!  

This tankless, dual-flush toilet is also water efficient, using either 1.28 or 1.0 GPF. You can install it well below a sewer main, if necessary, because it will pump 9 vertical feet. It also has an option to connect a 1-1/4-in. waste pipe from a sink, making it perfect for half-bath remodels. Not a lot of fancy features here, only a soft-close seat, but if you want to get a second bath in your home on a budget, or need to get a toilet in a tough spot, this Saniflo is a smart choice. 

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The Most for the Money: Toto Washlet GP 400

The Toto Washlet was first introduced in Japan in 1980. It was so popular that the word “washlet” now has become the colloquial term for any tech toilet in Japan. Toto has been one of the leaders in toilet technology and this recent version of the Washlet is the most practical culmination of their research and development.

The unique feature of this Washlet is Toto’s Cefiontect bowl glazing which, combined with their pre-misting feature, is said to result in a toilet that requires less cleaning. The self-cleaning bidet has programmable functions including his and her cleaning options, water temperature and pressure, oscillating and pulsating spray modes and a warm-air drying fan. The heated seat automatically opens and closes. This, combined with the auto-flush and bidet features, make it a touchless experience, if you exclude handling the remote.

The flushing system has three jets that ensure an efficient flush with less water. You can choose either a 1.28 or a .9 GPM flush with the dual-option switch. As soon as the flush is complete, the deodorizer function kicks in, drawing air in around the bowl and then out through an ionized carbon filter.

As with most techy toilets, the look of this Washlet is very modern, but its skirted design does make for easier cleaning and its universal height means it’s ADA approved. Most folks in Japan have a Washlet. Maybe you should too!

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