20 Incredibly Classy Crafty Wedding Decorations

Crafty wedding decorations can be classy

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A Photo Journey of Your Story

This is a great way to show your guests your relationship’s best memories through fun photos. And this is a perfect way to decorate the space between your ceremony and reception. Plus, it gives your wedding guests something to do if they get to the ceremony or reception early. This DIY only requires cute photos and picture frames. And the best part is after the wedding is over you can keep the pictures for your new place! Learn the easiest way to hang a gallery wall with these simple steps, to give your new found pictures a beautiful home.

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outdoor wedding hanging chandelier from a tree

Hang Chandeliers From Trees

A chandelier will add light and elegance to an outdoor wedding reception. And you can hang the chandelier from a large tree branch with a strong rope to take advantage of the natural outdoor setting. If your wedding venue doesn’t have an abundance of trees, you can also hang chandeliers from a homemade arbor and decorate it with floaty blooms and lots of greenery.

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wedding bird seed confetti
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Birdseed Confetti

Birdseed is a great outdoor alternative to other wedding confetti, mostly because it’s biodegradable and it attracts birds! But don’t worry the birds won’t get in your way during the wedding because they are nervous around people. However, when the wedding is over, you’ll have a yard full of feathered friends. Plus, whatever doesn’t get eaten by the birds will naturally break down on its own, leaving you with no confetti clean-up!

And whether you’re looking to attract just a few robins or an entire flock of chickadees to your yard, here are 16 seriously cool birdhouses that certainly stand out.

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DIY wedding photo booth picture frames from trees

DIY Photo Booth

Use old picture frames to make for a fun DIY photo booth idea for your wedding. Guests can take their picture either in front of the frames or pose for silly portraits behind. You can also tie burlap or an off-white canvas cloth with bunting between trees or stands to create a DIY photo booth. Use your imagination to create your own personalized outdoor wedding photo booth!

Plus, be sure to check out these 80 old items totally fit for repurposing.

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tree stump wedding centerpieces

Tree Stump Centerpieces

If you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding and are looking for some unique decor ideas, use tree stumps for decorations. You can create beautiful table centerpieces, candle holders, and cake stands out of tree stumps. All you need is a little bit of creativity to get the ball rolling!

Check out these 50 amazing DIY decor projects to get some more inspiration.

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whimsical hanging lightbulb flowers wedding

Whimsical Light Bulbs Flower Holders

If you are looking for a way to add some whimsical charm to your wedding, make these recycled light bulb flower holders. This is an easy DIY project that you can do with old light bulbs you would have thrown out anyways. All you need is a needle-nose pliers to remove the insides of the light bulbs.  Once you are done, you can decorate your outdoor wedding by hanging your creations along the aisle or around the reception area by hanging the flower filled light bulbs from trees or a canopy.

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DIY wood wedding signs directions
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Wooden Direction Signs

Make these wooden direction signs to guide your friends and family where to go for each event during your outdoor wedding. This is especially helpful for guests if the events are spread out and in different directions. All you need for this project is a couple of wood boards, paint, a hammer and nails.

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marquee letters wedding love
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Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are a beautiful addition to any wedding but they can be super expensive to rent, so why not make your own? These lights will add ambiance to your reception after the sunsets and are a perfect location for guests to take fun photos. Plus, you’ll be able to keep them long after the wedding is over. Check out how to build similar L-O-V-E marquee letters here.

Now that you’ve gotten some great DIY wedding decor ideas, we’ll show you how to properly prepare your home for a beautiful backyard wedding. Hosting a backyard wedding not only allows for a more relaxed atmosphere, it’s also a great way to maintain a healthy budget.

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Song Lyric Art

Blogger A Beautiful Mess has created pretty prints that would make for great DIY wedding gifts. Find out the couple’s first dance song—or, another memorable verse—and spell it out with vinyl letters on a prepared canvas. After a quick coat of spray paint, peel the letters free to reveal the patterned prose. In less that 30 minutes, you’ve created a present with more meaning than anything on the couple’s registry.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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Memorable Map

Track where the couple came from, met, and got married with this homemade wedding decoration from Delightfully Noted. Easy enough: Cut shapes from a map and coat with Mod Podge, then adhere to colorful cardstock and frame. DIY wedding decorations aren’t the only fun crafts you can make for the happy couple.

Get the tutorial at Delightfully Noted.

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Patterned Plates

Though there are a few examples of permanent marker plates out there, nothing compares to this modern, creative pattern from Always Wear Your Invisible Crown. Using a black permanent marker, draw simple shapes onto a porcelain plate, then pop into a 300ºF oven for about 15 minutes. Make a set of eight if you can.

Get the tutorial at Always Wear Your Invisible Crown.

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Magnet Silhouette

Here’s a quirky wedding gift/decoration for those who are good with scissors: Silhouette the happy couple (maybe even their dog?) for a fun fridge accessory. Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm prints a portrait onto a sheet of paper, cuts it out, and traces it onto magnet sheets. A few snips later, you’ll have a pristine profile.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

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String Heart

This work of art by Green Wedding Shoes looks complicated, but you can complete it in no time at all—and for only $35! Spray paint a large piece of wood your desired color. Cover it with a large sheet of paper, trace a large heart, and then nail around the outline, keeping the nails about an inch apart. After you remove the paper, tie string to the head of one nail, then wrap it around any and every other nail. There’s no wrong way to do it!

Get the tutorial at Green Wedding Shoes.

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Chair Backing Décor

Add a touch to the back of the chairs for the bride and groom with some faux pearl strands with a chiffon flower brooch.

Maybe the bride and groom will get one of these 50 islands you can buy.

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Order of the Day Fruit Crate Board

This crafty creation would look great outdoors and help keep people from knowing the order of events. It’s made from old fruit crate panels and is hand-painted. It’s similar to working with pallets. Here’s what you should know about working with a pallet before you start on a DIY project.

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Cake Topper

Some aluminum wire can be fashioned into a classy cake topper with the date of the big day and the couple’s name.

Working with wire can be really rewarding when you can create one of these 11 amazing wire crafts.

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Ring Bearer Pillow

Add a little flair to the ring bearer pillow with some peacock feathers on a satin pillow case.

Find out where the extremely remote that has peacocks is located.

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Book Centerpiece

Tell the story of your love with a book centerpiece like this one. You can order it at Etsy and receive decals that will fit the dimensions of the books you want to use.

Repurposing books can be a great project, like these projects, one of which turns books into a knife block.

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Eucalyptus Wreath

This eucalyptus wreath adds some baby’s breath and fairy lights for an outstanding wedding decoration. It’ll fit in nicely around tables as centerpieces, too.

If you’re looking for another great looking centerpiece idea, check out this wood log planter.

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Rustic Candle Holders

These rustic candle holders can be great decorations around the venue or as centerpieces. A little twine and lace hearts complete the rustic charm.

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