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19 Incredibly Awesome DIY Robot Creations

Travel back in time and into the future with these incredibly awesome DIY robot creations.

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Douglas Henley has been a tinkerer for most of his life, beginning as a model train enthusiast to now a DIY robot creator. He got into robot building as a quicker hobby than building model trains. Henley’s wife, Yvette, often sees the front of cars as faces and that got him thinking about seeing faces in old electronic equipment. Now he builds robots out of discarded electronics while Yvette and the couple’s two daughters help name the creations, which are available to purchase at Doo-Rite Robotics.

Astro is a 25-inch tall robot that has a space themed appearance. His head is an iLive mp3 sound system. His body is a classic Eico electronic voltmeter and ohmmeter made in Brooklyn. His legs are made from a swivel directional security light fixture. The arms are corrugated tubing and the hands are the male ends of a shoulder strap buckle. He’s a mix of techie items and would fit in great with these 40 really cool home tech products that’ll make your place feel like The Jetsons.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Henley calls his creations “Doo-Bots” as a play on his childhood nickname of “Doo-Rite.” He begins his creations by sorting through one of his 25 plastic bins that contain body parts. We love repurposing and find these 80 items fantastic for repurposing.

Barnie is a fun little dude all of 21 1/2 inches tall and full of color. His head is a recent View-Master stereoscope in a distinctive blue and you can see the neat bow-tie. His body brings back memories of a favorite childhood delight. The brightly decorated 85th anniversary Animal Cracker cookie tin serves as his body. His legs are flashlights and his arms and hands are Dema tubes from a custodial cleaning solution station.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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The mix of nostalgia with the old equipment allows Henley to reminisce his childhood and tap into his imagination at that age. If you love the look of antiques, you’ll love the antiques found in these farmhouse style ideas.

Beefy is named because of his hefty weight. His head is an external surveillance camera which gives him the look of an astronaut. His body was a tester of some sort and his arms and legs are Muscle Milk protein drink bottles, which fit perfectly with his theme and personality. If you look closely you might notice that his feet are his and her controllers of an electronic heating blanket.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Claire is classic from a time gone by. Her head is an early beige View-Master stereoscope. Her body is a cookie tin that celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Nabisco OREO brand. Her arms are made of a flexible hose and if you look closely she is holding an actual Oreo cookie.

Thinking about finding a repurposing project? Then consider what can be done, like this suitcase made into a table and others.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Felix is a gamer’s robot. His head is made from an after-market purple game controller and his body is of course the classic Nintendo Game Cube. He is a cool dude because if you look closely you can see a bit of tie-dye in his gear. Sorry, Felix no longer works as a gaming device. But he’d fit in fine among arcade games and other jealousy-inducing game rooms you’ve got to see.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Jameson is a throwback and when you look at him you can’t help but smile. His head is a classic View-Master Model G maybe from the 1960s and is complete with a View-Master reel in the slot. His body is easily recognizable as commemorative tin from 1999 celebrating the famous Oreo cookie. Oh, and the bow-tie adds an additional touch of class to this Doo-Bot.

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Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Jerome is unmistakably musical. If you look closely you will notice that his head is a snare drum. He is sporting a black skully knit hat, sunglasses and stereo headphones. There is no question that his body is a guitar from the popular Guitar Hero video game. His neck and one of his legs are fretboards. His arms are used to cover electronic wiring and with his soft carton like hands he is actually strumming a tune.

Find the best place to store a guitar with this rock star idea.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Joe Cool

Joe Cool is a tall slim fellow. His body is made from an Oreck XL canister vacuum cleaner. He has vacuum hoses for his arms and his hands are the attachments used for cracks and crevices. His dark sunglasses complete the look.

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Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Johnathon is the prototype for Henley’s robot sculptures and for an artist the first is irreplaceable. His head is an old Apple wireless router and his body is an AT&T router. His legs are the handle of a clothes steamer split into halves and his arms were taken from the water hose used in a refrigerator ice maker.

Having Alexa in the house is a little like having a robot, but did you know Alexa can drop a beat?

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Makeup Mary

Makeup Mary is a robot full of style from head to toe. Her head is a lamp turned upwards with gift wrapping ribbon for her platinum streaks of hair and a pair of pink sparkling sunglasses are used for her eyes. Her body is a makeup storage case that can still open to store your supplies. She has pink flashlights for her legs and if you look closely you will see that in her clip hands she is holding a makeup brush.

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Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Motorola Mike

Motorola Mike is a nice combination of natural wood and metal. His head is a vintage Motorola speaker used on an engineer’s panel on fire trucks. His body is a wood canister that held sugar. The legs are from a vacuum cleaner hose and the arms are corrugated tubing. Finally, his hands are the female ends of a computer peripheral.

If you’re not crafty like this you can still find a way to repurpose items like jars to save you some dough.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy was built to take care of you. Her head is made from the compressor for an Advent breast pump station. You can quickly recognize the red cross on her first-aid kit body as the universal symbol for protection. Her white shoes are the main component of who she is. Put your shoes in order at home with a brilliant shoe organizer like this one that can be built for $20.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Paul is a musical fellow with a solid disposition. His head with those bright colored purple eyes are actually a small dual-speaker turned sideways. His body is a Studio 105 Epiphone guitar amplifier. The amp no longer works and that would be too cool if it did. His arms are corrugated tubing, his legs are unmistakably flashlights and his hands are from a set of clappers.

Ever wanted to wire the whole house to play music? See what goes into it and what to expect.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Punching Peter

Peter is ready to box and knock you out. His head is a light meter used in a paper production company, the dial looks like a nose and the status lights are his eyes. His body is main computer for a building heating and cooling system. He is sporting sprinkler pipe wrap around labels for his legs and you can’t missed the red boxing gloves for his hands.

Peter might pair well with one of these 10 awesome sports-themed chairs.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Radio Joe

Right off the bat, Radio Joe is still a working radio! Henley was careful as he attached his neck, arm and legs to ensure that you could still hear a song through the FM broadcast. So, Joe’s head is a Micronta multimeter, his legs are simply black PVC and his one arm is the end of a vacuum cleaner hose attachment.

We love PVC around here, especially all of these hacks we think are the best PVC hacks ever created.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Sarge was built in honor of our Armed Forces. His theme began with the head which is a vintage metal flour sifter, which is a brilliant kitchen item you can repurpose as a planter, too. His body is a simple stained wood box. Henley wanted Sarge to appear strong and therefore he gave him biceps which are GE 2-way radios slid over black tubing. His legs are made from black flexible hose and the camouflage pants are the side cargo pockets from a child’s pair of camo pants. He is finished off with a necktie and the “Gear of Honor” medal.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Scuba with his mask and air hose is ready to go under water (he is not actually built to go under water). His head is a very old Brownie camera and has the appearance of a Jacques Cousteau deep sea diver. His body appears to be from a testing device and his mask and air hose are from a child’s sleep apnea machine. The sprinkler pipe wrap label around his leg fits in perfectly with his water theme.

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Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Strobe is ready to light it up for you. His head is made from a small camper’s lantern while his body is a working dance strobe light. If you look closely you will notice that he has a small flashlight for his right hand. We cannot guarantee that the strobe light will work forever, remember this is a found object. See why a glow-in-the-dark flashlight is a brilliant move that will save you during a power outage and many other handy hints around the house.

Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics

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Timothy Time

Timothy Time is a working robot to help keep you on track. His head and body go together as they are tools used by photographers. His head is a classic Brownie camera and his body is a dark-room clock timer used when developing photographic film. His arms and legs are the extension hose of a wet/dry vacuum and his vivid waving white hands are from a celebration clapper.

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Photo: Courtesy of Doo-Rite Robotics