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15 Stunning Accent Wall Ideas You Can Do

Accent walls are back in a big way, and they are better than ever. By blending color, texture, and tone, you can create an epic space that becomes the centerpiece of any room. Here are 15 of the best accent wall ideas for your home.

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Create With PaintHolly Vegter/Shutterstock

Create With Paint

Sure, you could just slap one bold color on an accent wall and call it a day—but why would you when there's so much more you can do with paint? Stripes, circles, chevrons or herringbone are all on-point style choices. All you need to create an amazing accent wall is paint, painter's tape, a pencil and a level. Plus: 12 Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Have
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Work With What You've GotBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Work With What You've Got

Before deciding what should be your accent wall, look at the architectural elements of your home. If you've got a fireplace, you already have an accent wall. All you need to do is dress it up. Color, paneling, stonework or built-in bookcases are all great ways to draw attention to an existing focal point.
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Feature Wall Ideas for Living Room: Display Your SnapsOndroM/Shutterstock

Feature Wall Ideas for Living Room: Display Your Snaps

Say hello to all those photos you've been storing on your hard drive or phone. A photo collage wall is a perfect way to share and relive your cherished memories while creating an enviable accent wall. To keep your collage from looking dated, choose two or three colors of frames that complement each other and mix texture and size. Lay your frames out on the floor and arrange until you're happy, then replicate the arrangement on the wall. Plus: How to Hang Anything Straight and Level
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Build a Showcase Wall!

Build a Showcase Wall!

This built-in entertainment center mixes architectural simplicity with a pop of color to make it stand out. To create this showstopper of a bookcase in your home, check out the complete DIY how-to instructions check out the complete DIY how-to instructions here. Have you ever heard of ombre wallpaper? Learn why you should consider it for your interior walls.
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Yup, you read that right. Fabric can make a fresh and funky accent wall for a reasonable price. Simply pick a selection of coordinating fabrics and wrap them around sturdy cardboard or very thin wood or plastic squares. Affix the squares to the wall in a pleasing pattern with double-sided mounting tape.
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Add Warmth With Woodunited photo studio/Shutterstock

Add Warmth With Wood

From sleek to rustic, wood is a perfect accent wall material because it instantly warms up any space. Be sure to paint the remaining walls in your room a color that carries the same undertone as the wood for a unified look. Plus: How to Choose Paint Colors
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Display Your Heirloomsariadna de raadt/Shutterstock

Display Your Heirlooms

If you've been wondering what to do with Grandma's old china that just sits in a box, this is it. Platters, silver and china dishes of all shapes, sizes and colors can create a unique accent wall. Dining rooms and kitchens are natural places for this look, but it can work in any area of your home. Plus: Use Aluminum Mesh for Fast Drywall Repairs
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Master Bedroom Accent Wall:

Master Bedroom Accent Wall: Wallpaper

Another classic that's making a big comeback is wallpaper. Surprised? With the advent of easy to apply, and even easier to remove wallpaper, you can create an accent wall without the long-term commitment. The key here is to keep it to one wall only, to avoid feeling closed in. Plus: How to Repair Damaged Wallpaper
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Stunning StoneFamily Handyman

Stunning Stone

For the intermediate do-it-yourself handyperson, this stunning stone accent wall is a perfect project. The look of exterior stone veneer in an indoor space complements industrial, cottage or rustic decor and the beauty speaks for itself.
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A Window to the WorldMarko Poplasen/Shutterstock

A Window to the World

For wannabe world travelers or nature lovers, an accent-wall mural is a high-impact choice. They are easy to install and a guaranteed home-run for adventure-loving kids' rooms.
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Natural Brickunited photo studio/Shutterstock

Natural Brick

Exposed brick has long been a coveted accent wall material in old buildings and lofts. The great news is, brick veneer has come a long way and is available in almost any style from modern to antique for a fraction of the price of the real thing. Looking for ideas to revamp your plain brick house or fireplace? Consider German smear, a mortar wash technique that transforms the look of plain brick. Plus: How to Edge a Path With Brick
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Modern Accent Wall: Stick-On

Modern Accent Wall: Stick-On Style

Quotes, trees, and cityscapes dominate this easy and inexpensive decor choice. With literally thousands of options to choose from, as well as custom options, you're sure to find something that speaks to your style.
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Modern Accent Wall: Go Big Artalexilena/Shutterstock

Modern Accent Wall: Go Big Art

A substantial piece of art can speak for itself as an accent wall. Look for large canvases with depth and colors to match your furniture and decor. Be sure to hang your artwork straight and level for the best result!
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Tile TimeKrista Abel/Shutterstock

Tile Time

Once relegated to work spaces and bathrooms, tile can accent almost any wall due to the plethora of styles and sizes now available. In a kitchen, you can create an incredible focal point by adding a distinct backsplash along one wall that stretches all the way to the ceiling. Plus: How to Tile a Backsplash
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Paneled Panache

Paneled Panache

With a few strips of MDF and very little money, you can create an elegant and restful accent wall for your bedroom. This treatment adds a luxurious element to your space and is the perfect backdrop to your headboard. For the low-down on how to create this look in your home, click here. Plus: What's MDF?