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15 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean Kitchen

You know the type—their floors are always gleaming and they're never embarrassed to show you the inside of their microwave. The good news is, you can have a clean kitchen, too!

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They Clean as They Cook

Let’s face it, cooking a meal makes a mess in the kitchen—but that doesn’t mean people with clean kitchens never eat! The difference is, they clean as they cook. Set out a large empty bowl to throw in egg shells, vegetable peels and wrappers so that all the garbage is contained to one spot. Place a dish bin next to the sink full of hot soapy water, and you can throw in dirty dishes as needed.

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They Have a Place for Everything

If you have a specific spot for each item in your kitchen, cleaning up—and keeping it clean—is a lot easier. The key is only keeping things you use, and to stay organized. Use drawer and cabinet organizers, fridge bins and pantry baskets, so that every item has a home.

Love cleaning? Check out these tips professional cleaners wish you knew.

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They Load the Dishwasher Every Night

Starting the day with an empty dishwasher sets you up for success. People with clean kitchens make a habit of loading and running the dishwasher before they go to bed, then emptying it first thing in the morning. (Make sure to load your dishwasher the right way with these tips!)

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They Keep Counters Clear

If your kitchen counter is crowded with small appliances and decorative items, it’s easy for the area to collect dust, food messes and additional clutter. Instead, clear the counter of almost everything. Move mail and kids’ homework other zones in the house, and (if you have the cabinet space) put away appliances that aren’t used every day.

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They Have a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning checklist or schedule keeps you on track for more labor-intensive jobs that are done weekly or monthly. The messes won’t build up, you don’t get overwhelmed and your kitchen stays clean! Try using a calendar to write down and commit to specific days for chores. Weekly jobs might include cleaning the microwave. A monthly job could be cleaning out the fridge. Keep the calendar visible so you don’t forget!

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They Have an Empty Sink

There are few things worse than waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes. People with clean kitchens consistently keep their sink empty. That means washing dishes or loading the dishwasher right after meals. If you need to let pots and pans soak, fill them up with soap and water. Then place them next to the sink, so it’s available.

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They Clean up Right Away

Not only do people with consistently clean kitchens do dishes right away, but they don’t procrastinate on other tasks either. After a meal, always wipe down counters and tables, put away leftovers and sweep up any floor spills. Leaving messes for later only makes the job more overwhelming. Check out these vintage cleaning hacks to make everyday chores even easier.

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They Keep Their Favorite Cleaning Products Stocked

Obviously, you can’t clean the kitchen without cleaning products! Make sure your favorite products are always stocked, and consider a cleaning supply caddy to keep them organized. When it’s time for everyday cleaning or a weekly job—you’ll be ready.

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They Don’t Have Too Much Stuff

If you have too much stuff overflowing from your cabinets and drawers, it’s hard (if not impossible) to keep the space clean. Declutter your kitchen by getting rid of gadgets you never use, broken appliances or gifted items that don’t fit your style. Remember, you don’t need more room, you just need less stuff!

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They Spot Clean Floors as Needed

People with clean kitchens do little jobs throughout the day to keep things tidy. Sweeping and mopping the whole kitchen floor might be a big job that is only done weekly, but you can easily spot clean your floor every day. That way you can enjoy a clean floor all week, and when it’s time for deep cleaning, your job will be easier.

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They Check for Expired Food Every Week

People with clean kitchens always make a habit of managing their food rotation. Try getting into the habit of cleaning out your pantry and fridge on grocery day. Before loading in the new groceries, check for expired food or leftovers that have gone bad.

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They Make Cleaning Fun

You don’t have to dread cleaning your kitchen. Make it more enjoyable by listening to a podcast, putting on your favorite tunes or talking to a friend on the phone while you work.

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They Have the Right Trash Can

People with clean kitchens know you need a trash can that is big enough for your family, so that taking out the trash can be done just once a day or every two days. A model with a lid keeps things looking tidy, and contains unpleasant smells. We love this simplehuman trash can that includes separate compartments for trash and recycling, a lip to hide the trash bag and a built-in liner dispenser.

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They Don’t Forget the Garbage Disposal

One of the best parts of a clean kitchen is enjoying the fresh clean smell when you’re done. Don’t forget to clean the garbage disposal about once a week, where often stinky smells can get trapped.

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They Know When to Cut Corners

People who have a clean kitchen are not in fact cleaning it from sun up to sun down. They know how to cut corners or use time-saving hacks to make jobs easier. Here are a few examples: easily clean a microwave with three simple pantry items, clean the coffee maker by running it with vinegar and water, and use an electric tooth brush to clean your grout with minimal elbow grease.

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