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15 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your House for Property Value

Renovation projects update your home, increase its value and make it appealing for potential buyers. There are a number of things an owner can do depending upon what the market dictates.

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Attracting a Higher Price

Ultimately fetching the top price for your home is the goal. But getting there requires a little work. Here are some helpful tips on why renovating your home will help increase the value and make the home attractive for potential buyers.
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Attention to Detail Shows House is Cared ForChones/Shutterstock

Attention to Detail Shows House is Cared For

Simple fixes like working on the lighting of a home not only cast a new light on the home but also show the level of care given to the home. Buyers notice the little items and it’s important to show those without having to tell buyers all the facts. Washing windows can spruce up the house in a hurry.
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Items You Love but a Home Buyer Might NotFamily Handyman

Items You Love but a Home Buyer Might Not

Maybe that shrine of bowling trophies means a lot to you but chances are a potential home buyer isn’t. Renovating your house to remove features like that give you a chance to get rid of old items and tackle projects that have been on your list. Avoid these pratfalls to successfully sell your home.
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Cover Up Wear by Repainting WallsFamily Handyman

Cover Up Wear by Repainting Walls

The paint on walls gets chipped through the years or maybe you’ve got crayon marks from kids you’ve wanted to clean up. Replace those holes in the wall from hanging items by painting. Experts suggest using neutral colors when painting rooms. For tips on painting check out our resources. Or update an old popcorn ceiling.
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Add New Hardware

Add New Hardware

Add new hardware – the first thing people check are knobs and pulls, and they better not be loose. Fixing hardware items is among the most painless tasks when it comes to renovating a home. Find out how to fix a troublesome door.
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Replace Outlets and SwitchesAtsushi Hirao/Shutterstock

Replace Outlets and Switches

Another quick fix is replacing outlets and switches. Many outlets include charging stations for mobile devices and that could appeal to a potential buyer or set your home apart from others.
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Trimming Shrubs, Cleaning Gutters, Painting Entry Door Make a Home WelcomingArtazum/Shutterstock

Trimming Shrubs, Cleaning Gutters, Painting Entry Door Make a Home Welcoming

Renovation around the house doesn’t have to mean tearing down walls to expand a living room. Take care of the outside of the house with small projects like painting the entry door, trimming shrubs or cleaning gutters because the outside of the house is what buyers will see first. These fixes can add instant curb appeal.
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Update AppliancesFamily Handyman

Update Appliances

If you’re selling an older home, updating appliances, roof, furnaces and water softeners will help buyers get over the age. Some buyers enjoy the charm of an older home but they won’t like the headaches associated with aging appliances, roofs, furnaces or water softeners. Do them a favor by having those items updated to alleviate any reservations. On the fence about a new furnace check out these guidelines.
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Add a Deck or PatioArtazum/Shutterstock

Add a Deck or Patio

Adding a deck/patio gives a home additional appeal and a space to host friends and family. One of the first projects for any new homeowner is adding a deck or patio. Complete one before selling to make the home more move-in ready. Learn how to add a brick patio.
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Expand Garage SpaceFamily Handyman

Expand Garage Space

Adding additional garage space solves immediate issues for two-car couples. The garage is an important space for any homeowner and not all homeowners have the same type of vehicles. Make sure your garage can accommodate vehicles large and small yet leaves space for other items like a snowblower or lawn mower. The last thing potential buyers want to think about is how they’re going to cram those items in the garage. Check out ideas on expanding a garage.
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Updating Kitchens can Whet AppetitesBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Updating Kitchens can Whet Appetites

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and the first buyers gravitate toward when looking for a new home. Updating your kitchen, whether adding a backsplash or adding a butcher’s block countertop can appeal to the chef in everyone.
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A Finished Basement Increases ValueFamily Handyman

A Finished Basement Increases Value

An unfinished basement can save money on buying a house but a finished basement instantly adds value to the home. The amount of added useable square footage comes at a lower cost usually than an addition. Plus, the space can be reimagined for uses by the buyers. Finishing a basement can be a daunting task but do your research with our tips.
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Rip up Carpeting and Install Hardwood or LaminateLukiyanova Natalia frenta/Shutterstock

Rip up Carpeting and Install Hardwood or Laminate

Hardwood and laminate flooring is comparable in price to luxury carpets but comes without the hassle of continual vacuuming. Plus, these types of flooring are durable and you don’t have to worry about stains as much. It's fairly simple to install as well. How to get started on tearing up carpet.
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Smart Devices for Appliances for Plugged in PeopleDaniel Krason/Shutterstock

Smart Devices for Appliances for Plugged in People

Don’t want to get up to see if something is left in the fridge, there an app for that, at least a fridge with a camera that allows you to check on the contents. Mom or dad no longer have to answer complaints that there’s nothing to eat in the house, kids can check for themselves. Some smart fridges work as the digital hub for the family with a calendar, much like the traditional space does.
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Incorporate Age in Place DesignFamily Handyman

Incorporate Age in Place Design

For those looking for a home they can settle into to, adding aging in place items can be a good renovation project. Many of these items like grab bars have taken on more elegant looks in recent years. It may take a little getting used to having dishes in lower cabinets but it’ll pay off in the future.