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15 Perfect Projects to get Your Home Ready for Fall

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, it can be tempting to snuggle inside. But don't give in! There is still plenty of time to complete those fall ready projects that will make your life easier and your yard happier once spring rolls around again.

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Rake Those Leaves!Family Handyman

Rake Those Leaves!

If you live in a snow-prone climate, getting your leaves up before the flakes fly is a good idea. You may think you know everything about this time-honored lawn care tradition but click here for five ways to make this job a little easier so you are fall ready.
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Aerate the LawnAigars Reinholds/Shutterstock

Aerate the Lawn

To ensure lush grass and a healthy lawn in the spring, fall is the best time to aerate. Aeration breaks up compacted soil to allow water and fertilizer to penetrate deep down into a healthy root system. A must do fall ready project. For more, check out our fall lawn care guide.
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Prep Your Garden

Prep your fall ready garden now for less work in the spring. Remove any annuals that are past their prime and rake out any rotting leaves. To protect your garden pots from breakage due to freezing water, empty, clean and bring indoors for the winter. After that's done, check out these 10 easy to build planters and start planning your spring building projects!
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Clean and Store Garden ToolsFamily Handyman

Clean and Store Garden Tools

Act now to protect your garden tools from rust, wear and tear. Be sure to give your tools a good cleaning, sharpen blades as necessary and be sure they're dry before you store them. After all of this prep they will be fall ready.
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Get Fall Ready for Snow

Get Fall Ready for Snow

Get fall ready for the white stuff while the leaves are still turning. Clear away any electrical cords, sticks or other items that could be damaged by a passing snow blower or shovel. And tune up your equipment to handle snow when it arrives. Plus: Small Engine Startup Tips
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Inspect Your FenceFamily Handyman

Inspect Your Fence

Fall is an ideal time to inspect fences and take care of any rot or structural issues before they become problematic. Ground frost can cause weakened fence posts to heave and shift over winter. This will result in damage all along the fence line. For the skinny on how to take care of any fence maintenance and make it fall ready, you may need to do, check out our guide here.
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Clean GuttersJohn E. Heintz Jr./Shutterstock

Clean Gutters

It may be messy, but clogged and overflowing gutters can create a drainage problem over the long winter months. It will also encourage rot to form at the roof line. Be sure to wear gloves and practice ladder safety when completing this fall ready job. Plus: The Best Gutter Guards for Your Home
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Drain PondsFamily Handyman

Drain Ponds

Falling leaves and debris can do more than clog pumps and filters. They can encourage algae growth in your otherwise pristine pond. Get your pond fall ready by draining and cleaning your ponds and waterfalls to prevent damage. Plus: How to Build a Backyard Pond and Fountain in One Weekend
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Clean and Fill Bird FeedersPaul Reeves Photography/Shutterstock

Clean and Fill Bird Feeders

Winter can be hard going for birds in terms of finding food to eat. Be sure to refill your bird feeders now and make them fall ready. This will keep our feathered friends happy and fed for the winter. If you don't have a bird feeder or house, creating one is a great indoor project over winter.
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Plant BulbsJurga Jot/Shutterstock

Plant Bulbs

A colorful garden in the spring requires fall ready planting. Plant early flowering plants in September where they can still take advantage of fall rains. Follow depth directions to avoid frost damage over the winter. Plus: The Frugal Gardener: 10 Ways to Save Money in the Home Garden
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Repair Cracks

Repair Cracks

Fluctuating temperature levels and moisture can wreak havoc on your driveway, sidewalks and steps. Take time to fall ready your steps by repairing cracks and holes now before a minor problem becomes a major issue.
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Store Outdoor FurnitureIrina Mos/Shutterstock

Store Outdoor Furniture

Often overlooked but essential to keeping your outdoor living space in tip-top shape is cleaning and storing your garden furniture out of the elements. Fall is also a perfect time to clean up any rust, repaint or repair your garden furniture so it looks great when you uncover it in the spring.
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Practice Pest ControlFamily Handyman

Practice Pest Control

You're not the only one who wants to be warm and cozy. Cooler weather encourages all sorts of insects and pests indoors and they will take any open path they can find. Take some time this fall to inspect any areas where pests can find their way indoors and put a stop to their attempts. Check out our fall ready pest-prevention guide for all the details.
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Winterize Your GrillFamily Handyman

Winterize Your Grill

If you aren't the type to barbecue all winter, use the fall to get your grill ready for storage. Proper cleaning of parts and routine maintenance to winterize your grill will keep this essential piece of summer equipment ready for better weather.
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Install Lighting

Install Lighting

Making your low-voltage lighting fall ready is easy enough for even beginners to install. And it will help keep your pathways lit during the long nights. Check out these DIY lighting tips for beginners to make the most out of this easy fall upgrade.