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13 Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

If the inspiration well ran dry this season for holiday decorating ideas, check out some of these last-minute ideas to keep your house festive.

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Holiday Card Display

If you exchange holiday cards with friends and family, find something creative to do with them, like turning them into a display at home. It's a quick decorating idea where you already have the supplies at home.
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Hanging Christmas Wreaths

Some wreaths around the house will add to your holiday decor in an instant and won't take up loads of time trying to find something that will fit perfectly in the room.
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Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

With a little cinnamon, some garland, buttons and a glue gun you have great-looking ornaments on the fly. These cinnamon stick ornaments fit in anywhere around the house. If you're tired of cutting down a Christmas tree each year, check out some awesome Christmas tree alternatives.
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DIY Candle Holder

These awesome looking candles sit inside cookie tins that hang from a wooden hanger with clothespins. If you have some extra tins sitting around this is a delightful way to light up a room.
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Candy Cane Centerpiece

Candy canes can be pretty valuable for decorating ideas because you can bunch them together like this centerpiece. Add some in some attractive red flowers like these roses and you've got something that's sweet tasting and sweet looking. Find out holiday decorating storage tips.
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Tea Light Snowmen

These little snowmen are super easy to make with some dollar store tea lights. Grab a black marker and an orange marker, along with a glue gun, pipe cleaners and some felt. Check other amazing DIY decor ideas for Christmas. Photo: Courtesy of Blog Lovin
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Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy canes can make cute little reindeer as well with some googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun. In a matter of minutes these reindeer can fly around the house. Find out the Christmas storage tips you should know. Photo: Courtesy of One Little Project
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Christmas Tree Napkin Folding

If you're short on time but still want to impress, just fold your napkins into Christmas trees. Your guests will like the look and want to know how you did it. As the holidays approach make sure no one is peaking around at the presents with these incredible gift hiding ideas.
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Pine Cone Christmas Tree

A pine cone Christmas tree sparkles after getting dressed up with some paint. This pine cone tree added a star and some white paint for a bit of a flocked look. Learn Christmas tree safety for the holidays. Photo: Courtesy of Amy's Delights
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Gift Wrapped Christmas Tree

Put that excess gift wrap to use instead of throwing it in the closet for another year by making a gift wrap Christmas tree. Make sure the lights on your tree work by using a light tester to check holiday lights. Photo: Courtesy of A Little Tipsy
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DIY Coffee Filter Tree

If your creativity has left you following other craft projects, try making a coffee filter tree for a jolt. It'll give you something to talk about during the holidays.
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Christmas Utensil Holders

Utensil holders are super simple to make and you can add a creative flair with what you do. Check out these Santa and elf-inspired utensil holders. Find out how to repair Christmas lights around the home this season. Photo: Courtesy of Stamp With Heather
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Book Christmas Tree

Book Christmas trees are gaining steam as alternatives to an actual Christmas tree but take that creative spirit a step forward and let the pages of a book unfurl your Christmas tree. Learn how to cut down on expenses with keeping the Christmas lights on during the holidays.