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15 Best Garden Tools at Harbor Freight

When the icy chill of winter gives way to the green shoots of spring, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts gear up to begin enjoying the change in weather and the thawing ground. And whether you're in pre-spring dreaming mode or mid-summer planting season, it's always a great time to stock up on tools! Harbor Freight carries a wide range of tools and toys for outdoor DIY enthusiasts, and we've collected a list of 15 garden tools that balance affordability and functionality.

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harbor freight garden Rolling Work SeatPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Rolling Work Seat

Are you tired of hours crouched down over a flower bed? Take the strain off your knees with this rolling work seat. The desire to escape “gardener’s crouch” is part of the reason for the resurgence in raised bed gardening. But if you don’t have the ability to switch to raised beds, or just like the look of a natural garden, then consider a Harbor Freight rolling work seat. With four sturdy wheels and a tool tray, this seat will let you battle the weeds without the knee and back pain.

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Mini-Shovel Harbor freightPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight


This Harbor Freight shovel might be mini, but it’s still mighty! Measuring in at a compact 27 inches, this shovel is small enough to tuck into a wheelbarrow or rolling seat tray, but the high tensile strength laminate fiberglass handle and impact dispersing D-grip lets it pack a full-sized punch. Ideal for shaping an existing hole or for taking out on projects that might need holes dug.

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2-Gallon SprayerPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

2-Gallon Sprayer

Every DIYer needs a portable sprayer, and most garden enthusiasts need more than one. Perfect for applying everything from weed killer to fertilizer, or from water to sealer, this sprayer comes with a shoulder strap and ergonomic handle to make the day’s work a little less demanding. Stock a few of these affordable tools, and you’ll be able to keep your water, fertilizer and pesticides from mixing.

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Garden Hose Quick CouplersPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Garden Hose Quick Couplers

Hose management can be a real pain. So why not simplify your life and cut out the kinks by installing these quick couplers and building a DIY hose holder? Couplers allow you to extend or break down your hose lengths quickly, and the holder makes proper storage a no-brainer. Used together, they extend the life of your hoses and keep the headaches to a minimum.

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Gardening Mesh Steel Deck WagonPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Mesh Steel Deck Wagon

Wheelbarrows are great for most projects, but for some items the traditional curved wheelbarrow body isn’t ideal (bags of mulch, anyone?). For those tasks, a flat-bed wagon from Harbor Freight may be your best bet. With a 2-foot x 4-foot bed, it’s big enough to haul large materials, but small enough to wind through narrow spots. And with 1,000 pounds of carrying capability, there’s almost no chance of overloading it. For more variations on the basic wheelbarrow theme, check out “11 Exceptional Wheelbarrows that do Everything.

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Blower VacuumPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Blower Vacuum

For gardeners, autumn is truly the best of times and the worst of times. It’s the point in the year when you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work, start planning for next year, and enjoy the changing leaves. Unfortunately, before long all those pretty leaves start falling from the trees, and suddenly you’ve got a full-time job keeping up with leaf collection. When it comes to useful tools for dealing with leaves, this Portland blower/mulcher is almost indispensable. Use it as a blower to clear away leaves or grass clippings, then—with the flip of a switch—vacuum up hard-to-reach lawn waste, shred it and drop the mulch into a bag for easy disposal. This Harbor Freight blower almost makes leaf collection fun!

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Soaker HosePhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Soaker Hose

If you’re a gardener who hasn’t yet discovered the joys of a soaker hose, run out to Harbor Freight and add one of these to your tool kit! A soaker hose allows you to provide your plants with a slow but steady trickle of water. Avoid the headache of tedious individual watering, and forget about having to remember to water the plants. Short of installing a custom irrigation system, this simple soaker hose is the best way to eliminate one of the most aggravating tasks a gardener faces.

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Pressure WasherPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Pressure Washer

Most people know that you can clean off everything from walls to flagstones with a pressure washer. But gardeners also know how useful a pressure washer can be for garden tools and implements that have built up a hard shell of earth and clay. Shed those layers with delicate use of a pressure washer, and restore them to their original gleam. And while Harbor Freight’s pressure washers are affordable, don’t forget to practice proper maintenance to extend the life and performance of your washer.

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Chipper/ShredderPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight


This Harbor Freight chipper/shredder will allow you to convert yard waste into useful mulch. Collect your twigs, sticks and small limbs, feed them in, and collect the mulch that comes tumbling out. Recycling the fallen branches in your yard reduces landfill waste and is a smart way to be a frugal gardener.

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Pole SawPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Pole Saw

Trim your trees into a healthier, more attractive shape with this Portland pole saw from Harbor Freight. With almost nine feet of reach, this electric wonder allows you to lop tree limbs and branches that are dead or growing in an undesirable direction. Feed the chopped deadwood into your chipper, or burn it in your DIY fire pit.

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Faucet ExtenderPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Faucet Extender

Chances are, you know firsthand the importance of running water to a lawn and garden project. But dragging your hose from one end of the yard to the other ends up creating kinks and gouges. Luckily, there are ways to make watering easier with a few simple tricks, including installing a two- or four-channel faucet extender. These simple devices are great for setting up hoses running to a number of sections of your garden, and for setting up a soaker hose for trickle watering.

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String TrimmerPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

String Trimmer

A string trimmer is a versatile tool that allows gardeners to cut back growth along edges and tight places. And with a 40-volt battery, you won’t be running to swap batteries half-way through the job. This Harbor Freight time-saver can help keep your lawn and garden under control, but like most trimmers, it can suffer from reload regret: that moment when you run out of string and have to fuss with the reloading process. To avoid that headache, consider investing a few dollars in an easy-load string trimmer head.

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Sturdy Work GlovesPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Sturdy Work Gloves

We’re big believers in appropriate safety precautions. (See Safety Gear Every DIYer Should Own.) But, there’s another bonus to picking up a pair of high-quality leather gloves: comfort! Over time, items like safety glasses and gloves get worn out, picking up slight tears and chips, making them less comfortable to wear. And if your safety items aren’t comfortable, you’re far less likely to use them. So pick up a new pair of gloves, and once they’re broken in, you’ll find yourself reaching for them without a second thought.

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Scoop ShovelPhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight

Scoop Shovel

This scoop is ideal for moving large volumes of material quickly. With a 15-inch scoop, this Harbor Freight shovel special allows gardeners to quickly shovel and spread materials like sand or mulch. Whether you want to lay in decorative ground cover, or replace an entire lawn with gravel or mulch, this workhorse Harbor Freight shovel will get the job done without breaking your budget.

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harbor freight greenhousePhoto: Courtesy of Harbor Freight


For many home gardeners, a greenhouse is a dream project, and one that may seem out of reach. But in fact, there are a number of ways to incorporate a greenhouse into your garden, no matter the size of your yard or your budget. If you’re extremely limited on space, you can even create a DIY green house with just a few pieces of spare wood and an old window. However, if you have a little more square footage, consider this 10-foot x 12-foot greenhouse kit. With easy delivery options from Harbor Freight, you can get a dedicated growing space set up in no time.