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15 Adirondack Chairs You Have to See to Believe

Nothing says easy outdoor living like the iconic Adirondack chair. With its wide arms, spacious low-slung seat, slanted back and flat-board construction, it's comfortable and sturdy. When properly protected from the elements, a wooden Adirondack chair can last for decades.

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adirondack chairs sunsetDavid Wayne Buck/Shutterstock

The Most Customizable Chair?

The Adirondack chair’s simple design is easy to adapt, lending itself to a variety of creative variations from classic to clever to quirky. Click through this slideshow to see what we mean.

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original ardirondack chairPublic Domain

Where It All Started

Americans’ love affair with Adirondack chairs began in the early 1900s when Thomas Lee needed outdoor chairs for his summer home in Westport, New York. He gave his design to a carpenter friend, thinking he might turn out a few chairs for extra income. Instead, Harry Bunnell filed for and received a patent for the “Westport Chair,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Today’s Adirondack

Many Adirondack chairs are now made from sustainable materials, including this clever version with an ottoman that slides under the seat when not in use. Now that’s smart!

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Sleek and Modern

The horizontal back slats and economical lines give this Adirondack chair a modern flair. If your taste in outdoor spaces runs toward contemporary style, see 10 Modern Fence Ideas for Your Backyard.

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State of the Art: Michigan Adirondack Chair

The generous back of the Adirondack chair is like a blank canvas to those with an artistic eye. Here, it’s been cut into the “mitten” shape of the state of Michigan. Cutting curves like these from the Michigan Adirondack chair is easy with a jigsaw.

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The Guestbook Chair

A bridal couple turned their Adirondack chairs into a guestbook by having friends and family write on them with a marking pen. Knowing the ink would eventually fade from the elements, they traced over the messages with a wood-burning pen, then sealed the chair with polyurethane.

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double adirondack chair pair chairs double adirondack chair plansLesPalenik/Shutterstock

The Pair Chair

Lazy days are twice the fun with a two-seater Adirondack chair. The chair’s wide arms do double duty by forming a café table between the two seats. Here’s how to create a backyard oasis that would be a great space for this chair.

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The Iron Throne

Golf clubs form the back of this unique Adirondack chair — a perfect spot for relaxing after a day on the links.

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Think Big

Weighing in at 2,500 pounds, the “Green Chair” is an oversized Adirondack chair created by artist Joel Sisson. It commands a stunning view of St. Paul, Minn., from its perch in High Bridge Park.

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Something’s Fishy

This fish-shaped Adirondack chair and ottoman would be right at home beside a lake, ocean or pool. Or put in a pond in your own backyard and stock it with koi and other beautiful fish. Here’s how to build a water garden with a waterfall.

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The Repurposed Pallet Adirondack Chair

Wood shipping pallets are often discarded after use, so it’s easy to find free pallets for your DIY projects. (Hint: Check the Free area of your local Craigslist.) A blogger made these Adirondack chairs for $2.30, using pallets that someone gave her. Be sure to check out this information on how to prepare a pallet before you repurpose it.

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The Not-So-Cheery Chair

Here’s another Adirondack chair made from an old pallet and reclaimed 2x4s. While some people love this Goth style, others might consider this chair one of the things you shouldn’t make with pallets.

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It’s Miller Time

What better place to kick back and have cool one than in a custom-made, bottle-shaped Adirondack chair? You might also need this DIY beer caddy made from reclaimed barn wood.

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Space Saver

If winter is brutal where you live, you can prolong the life of your patio chairs by storing them out of the elements. These Adirondack chairs make it easier by folding into a more compact size. On a related note, here’s how to store your grill during the winter.

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classic adirondack chair double adirondack chair plans

Make Your Own: Double Adirondack Chair Plans

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, why not build an Adirondack chair for yourself? Here’s where you can find step-by-step instructions, along with the required tools and materials and double Adirondack chair plans.

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