14 Ways to Embellish Your Home With Metallic Paint

You can bring trendy, tasteful gold, bronze and silver into your home decor with metallic paint on the walls, accent pillows or in framed artwork. Here we've gathered 14 DIY ways to embellish your home with metallic paint. Are you ready to go for the gold?

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Accent Wall

The use of metallic paint on a feature or accent wall is a popular option. The blogger at Jenna + Calder used gold metallic paint paired with gray wall paint and a stencil to create this accent wall on both sides of the living room fireplace.

Photo: Courtesy of Jenna + Calder

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Old Furniture

Give that old bookcase or dresser a new look with metallic paint. This DIYer prepped an old dresser for new paint, then used a metallic spray paint to give it a fresh look. See the process here.

Photo: Courtesy of Sandpaper & Glue

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wall metallic paint

Over Your Current Wall Color

The DIYer at Tukee Talk is attracted to earth-toned paint colors and decided to try putting a metallic paint overtop an amber-colored wall. If you like the color you have now, considering adding a metallic coat to boost the color’s impact.

Photo: Courtesy of Tukee Talk

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Polishing Paint

Grab a paintbrush and try using a polishing paint in a metallic hue to boost drab looking accessories. Polishing paint can be used on everything from wood furniture to picture frames and even some plastics. See a video tutorial here.

Photo: Courtesy of Scrapcosy on YouTube

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Here’s another look at a project featuring metallic paint to update an old piece of furniture. The blogger at House of Rumours picked up an old sideboard and used metallic paint and some stencils to give it a spectacular facelift.

Photo: Courtesy of House of Rumours

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vase metallic paint


If you’re not up for using metallic paint on furniture or your walls, try giving some decor accessories an update. This DIYer used an empty wine bottle and then “fancied it up” with some metallic paint, silver wires and beads.

Photo: Courtesy of Made by the Belle

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Knobs and Handles

Try using some metallic spray paint to update any drab looking hardware in your home. Doorknobs can get dingy or look outdated and metallic paint can help bring them back to life. See a video tutorial here.

Photo: Courtesy of Not on the High Street

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Ceiling Medallion

Many home improvement stores sell decorative ceiling medallions that come unfinished. Give your kitchen or dining room a new look with a medallion painted in a metallic hue. See the process here.

Photo: Courtesy of destashio

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Plant Stand

Give an old plant stand or planter an updated look with metallic paint. This DIYer made a plant stand with some wood plaques and candlesticks from the craft store, along with wood glue and paint. See the process at The Casual Craftlete.

Photo: Courtesy of The Casual Craftlete

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Seasonal Decorations

Metallic paint can give your seasonal decorations an updated look. Try painting pumpkins, tired looking Christmas ornaments and candlesticks for an instant transformation. For a look at how these pumpkins were decorated, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Redoux Interiors

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faucet metallic paint


Before you invest in a new faucet, consider using metallic paint to give it an update. This blogger used painters tape to protect the sink, then applied a few coats of metallic paint. See the process, and how the faucet looks 2.5 years later, here.

Photo: Courtesy of Sincerely, Sara D.

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This DIYer wanted to give an old tile kitchen backsplash an update. She started with a primer and then used a copper metallic paint on top. See the process, including the before and after, here.

Photo: Courtesy of Out of My Studio

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coffee beans metallic candle holder

Coffee Beans

You know candles can make a room feel cozy, so try painting some coffee beans with a metallic paint to put around a candle. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll enjoy the smell of a vanilla-scented candle paired with the coffee beans. For some other ideas on what to do with painted coffee beans, visit this grateful mama.

Photo: Courtesy of this grateful mama

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Furniture Metallic Paint Accent

Furniture Accent

These DIYers used metallic paint to give an old coffee table a fresh look. They painted the table blue and used the metallic paint as an accent on the tabletop. See the process here.

Photo: Courtesy of Laughing Moms

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