14 Picnic Tables You Have to See to Believe!

Whether you want to buy or DIY, these picnic tables will give you plenty of inspiration.

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viking table
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Built-to-Last Viking Long Wooden Picnic Table

Looking for something sturdy and simple? Then take a step back in time and do as the Vikings once did. This wooden picnic table is simple in structure, solid as a rock and a beautiful centerpiece for your yard. Here are the complete how-to instructions so you can make this rustic picnic table yourself! Plus, check out these 15 awesome plans for DIY patio furniture.

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Gabian Cage Wooden Picnic Table

Surround the base of a picnic table with gabian cages for a small detail with big effect. Check out this rustic metal plant cage to add to your backyard decor.

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DIY Wooden Patio Table with Cooler

Making a rustic picnic table is perfect for an outdoorsy vibe. Installing a built-in cooler keeps the drinks within reach and that boxy cooler out of sight!

Check out these 10 drool-worthy beer fridges for when you can’t fit it all on the picnic table.

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table chairs

House-Shaped Double Tree Picnic Table

This all-in-one structure features a roof, two benches, and a table — all in the shape of a traditional house! Plus, take a look at these 12 incredible pieces of DIY outdoor furniture, with complete how-to instructions.

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table chairs
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Picnic Table with a Roof

If you have a lot of land and want a permanent structure that protects you from the elements, consider this stable table idea. Check out how to build an umbrella table for more protection from the sun.

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wood table
Supacharapong Buanark/Shutterstock

Tree Trunk Picnic Table

Need to cut down a tree? Repurpose it by using as much of the wood as you can for a picnic table and benches. Keep the earthy look by slicing the trunk! If you’re DIY-ing, here’s how to remove a tree stump painlessly.

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floor tables
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Ground-Level Picnic Table

Another use for pallets! Turn your backyard into a Bohemian paradise with this ground-level picnic table. Plus, these 40 outdoor woodworking projects are great for beginners, too.

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Modern Wooden Picnic Table and Stools

Keep things sleek but interesting with this creative design that turns picnic table chairs into artwork. Placing the table and chairs on a wooden deck keeps them off the ground and helps prevent rot.

Check out these 10 easy outdoor chairs you can build.

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Multi-Function Rolling Cooler Picnic Camping Table

Whether you’re going to a tailgate party or deep in the woods for some camping fun, this multi-function table is easily transported, and provides plenty of room for storing your food and drinks.

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chess table
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Wooden Picnic Tables: Chess Picnic Table

Play a game of chess while enjoying the sunshine in the backyard with this fun picnic table idea.

Love chess? Here’s how to build a chessboard.

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stone table

Stone Picnic Table

This unusual picnic table takes found boulders and flat rocks and turns it into a rustic dining option for the outdoors.

If you love the look at stone, be sure to check out this stone-top patio table.

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Convertible Bench and Picnic Table

Take up less space with back-to-back benches in your backyard. And when you want to throw a party, simply convert it into a full-on picnic table.

Check out these 12 tips for throwing the ultimate backyard party.

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Pool Table Combo Set with Benches

Whether your idea of backyard fun is a game of pool or eating by the pool, this combo picnic table is an entertainment investment you’ll love.

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Portable Folding Table with Built-In Carrying Case and Handle

This compact, portable folding picnic table with built-in carrying case and handle is the perfect option for taking your next picnic anywhere! It seats up to four, and when collapsed the legs and seats fold into the table.

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