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14 Cordless Outdoor Power Tools You Can’t Live Without

No one likes using outdoor power tools with clumsy and potentially dangerous cords. Fortunately, cordless technology has come a long way in the past several years, yielding a crop of new, powerful cordless tools to use around the yard. Here is a selection of the top cordless outdoor power tools.

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Ego LM22101 LawnmowerCourtesy of The Home Depot

Ego LM22101 Lawnmower

Cordless lawnmowers struggled for a while to find a good mixture of reliability and power, but this one does it all. This 21-inch Ego is a particularly good example, with a powerful 56-volt battery and an hour-long charge time that makes it better than many competitors. Plus: How to sharpen your lawnmower blade And: How to tune up a mower
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Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool KitPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

This rotary tool kit comes with 28 accessories for nearly any cutting or grinding project. If you use rotary tools in your outdoor hobbies or woodworking, we suggest taking a look at what Dremel has to offer. The recharge time is only an hour with the 12-volt lithium-ion battery. Plus: Must-have drill attachments
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Worx Cordless Grass TrimmerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Worx Cordless Grass Trimmer

A grass trimmer needs to be lightweight and speedy to be worthwhile. This Worx trimmer delivers with reliable power, twin wheels to guide edging and automatic line feed for smooth operation. It also as a tilting shaft and adjustable length for working on slopes and in other tricky areas. In other words, it would be a great trimmer even if it wasn't cordless. Plus: How to install a weed trimmer head
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DeWalt Flexvolt BlowerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

DeWalt Flexvolt Blower

If you've never used a blower to clean your patio or driveway, you'll be amazed at how it can cut down on your cleaning time. It works well after edging projects and when cleaning up loose leaves, too. These outdoor power tools are especially suitable as cordless, rechargeable models, and this DeWalt blower gives you everything you need, including variable settings and an easy-to-hold handle.
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Worx Hydroshot Portable Power CleanerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Worx Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

This Worx power cleaner is an excellent example of how far cordless outdoor power tools have come. The 20V battery provides plenty of power for serious power-washing that can remove many kinds of debris. With five spray angles, you can adjust the cleaner to the task, and it simply hooks up to a standard garden hose or fresh water source like a pond, pool or even a bucket! Plus: Pressure washing tips
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Black & Decker Cordless DrillCourtesy of Black + Decker

Black & Decker Cordless Drill

We really like this Black & Decker drill kit with 100 accessories for nearly any type of drilling or driving activities you may encounter. Such a versatile tool gets even better when equipped with a durable battery that can hold a charge for more than a year at a time. It provides enough power to drill through metal, and includes a 24-position clutch for extra-delicate work. Plus: Tips for drilling holes in metal
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Tacklife Cordless ScrewdriverPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Tacklife Cordless Screwdriver

If you don't do much drilling but depend a lot on screws, you may prefer this Tacklife cordless screwdriver instead of a drill-focused product. This model simplifies things with a minimalistic design, large trigger and easy size switching (the case comes with 31 bits). The muzzle also has a set of LED lights to illuminate your work, and an advanced USB cable charging system. Plus: Tips for loosening bolts and screws
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Ryobi Cordless BufferPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Ryobi Cordless Buffer

A cordless buffer makes so much sense! This Ryobi buffer/polisher includes two bonnets, one for application and one for bugging. Use it to polish your car, boat or RV. Plus: Tips to restore your car's interior
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Torchstar LED WorklightPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Torchstar LED Worklight

Torchstar makes a reliable LED worklight to help lighten up any dark space. This cordless version comes with two charging modes depending on how quickly you need it to recharge. It also has a lot of positioning options: The back and base are magnetic so you can slap it on a any metal surface, and there are two swiveling pop-out hooks to hang it on your body or a nearby wire. Plus: LED safety lighting
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Black & Decker BDCCS20B Cordless Circular SawPhoto: Courtesy of Black & Decke

Black & Decker BDCCS20B Cordless Circular Saw

This Black & Decker circular saw is designed to work with the 20V MAX battery (interchangeable among a variety of the brand's cordless tools). The 5-1/2-inch blade is powered by an advanced motor, and includes a quick lever-based depth-of-cut adjustment. It's a handy compact saw for light sawing, and it keeps you away from potentially dangerous cords. Be sure to operate with a full charge to avoid the chance of a sluggish blade catching against the wood.
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Ryobi PS20 Airstrike NailerCourtesy of Ryobi

Ryobi PS20 Airstrike Nailer

If you've been looking for a powerful new nail gun, Ryobi has a highly competitive model with commercial-grade power. Two different modes allow for extra-fast light nailing or slower, single-nail placement for when precision is more important. It can handle any 18-gauge nails between 5/8 and 2 inches. It's not cheap, but well worth it is you have frequent nailing projects. Plus: Finish nailer tips
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Black & Decker LCS1240 ChainsawPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw

This heavy-duty Black & Decker chain saw has a 40V battery attachment that provides the power you need—enough for 60 4x4 cuts on a single charge. It also comes with an automatic oiling system, and extra-quick tool-less chain tension controls for quick fixes or sharpening. Remember, you'll want to make sure you use this model with a full charge. Plus: Chainsaw safety
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Ingersoll Ratchet Driver KitCourtesy of Ingersoll

Ingersoll Ratchet Driver Kit

This powerful cordless ratchet can provide up to 30 ft-lbs. of torque, and is equally at home in a busy auto shop or for amateur mechanic's garage. It's simple and rugged. Plus: 10 car problems you can fix yourself
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Snow Joe iON18 Ion Snow BlowerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Snow Joe iON18 Ion Snow Blower

This 32-lb snowblower, uses a rechargeable battery that can provide 50 minutes of run time—enough for the average driveway. It can cut an 18-inch path through 8 inches of snow at once without trouble. The chute is on a 180-degree rotational base so you can direct the snow where you want it to go. Plus, battery power means that this may be the quietest snowblower you've ever heard. Plus: Snow blowing tips!