14 Charming Chicken Coops for Your Backyard

If you're thinking of raising some backyard chickens, consider building your own chicken coop. A quick Internet search will reveal several plans, from easy to intricate. Here are 14 charming backyard chicken coops that will inspire you to get started.

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Cottage Coop

This cute little cottage chicken coop features an attached chicken run and even some little window shutters. It has some siding to complete the look. For plans, visit Trevor Made.

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Raised Coop with Run

This raised coop cost the builders about $1,000 for all the materials. It’s made from plywood, cement blocks and even has window planter boxes. To see photos of the project being built, visit Backyard Chickens.

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Playhouse Coop

This chicken coop is made using a sturdy playhouse. There’s a chicken run attached, along with an automatic watering system. There’s even a faux fireplace inside. See more photos here.

While you’re at it, take a look at these chicken coop building tips, too.

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Linoleum Floor Coop

This DIY chicken coop has plywood siding and a linoleum floor. There are nesting boxes with outside access and a metal roof.

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Pallet Coop

Old pallets are the base of this inexpensive chicken coop. The DIYer also used about $25 worth of plywood for the floor and some tar paper and shingles for the roof. To see photos of the entire building process, visit Summers Acres.

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Storage Shed Coop

This inexpensive chicken coop design uses a Rubbermaid storage shed as the coop and buckets as a nesting area. The attached run is made from two cattle panels that are secured together. For instructions, click here.

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Plywood Coop

This simple, inexpensive chicken coop is made from plywood and you could use an old window as a hatch. Use heavy-duty hinges and latches to keep predators from breaking into the coop. For plans, click here.

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A-Frame Coop

Plans for this A-Frame chicken coop can be modified, but it does have two doors on each side with secure latches. Inside, you could add places for the chickens to roost by stacking wooden crates or boxes. For plans, visit Ana White.

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Coop with Skylight

This inexpensive chicken coop comes with a skylight. It’s made from pallets and designed with easy access to the nest box in mind as it has a door big enough for an adult to get inside. To see how it was made, visit A Ranch Mom.

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Small, Inexpensive Chicken Coop

This small chicken coop was inexpensive to build and has a simple design, perfect for the beginning DIYer. To see the plans for this coop, visit Homes Corner.

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Scrap Wood Coop

This inexpensive chicken coop is made from scrap wood and features a small chicken run and a raised coop. There’s a nesting area inside and the design could easily be personalized with some paint or stain.

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Coop with Recycled Materials

These DIYers designed this inexpensive chicken coop with recycled materials. It even has solar power! Read all about it here.

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Coop with a Large Chicken Run

This was an existing coop that the DIYer decided to add a large run to protect the flock from predators. The base of the run was filled with crushed gravel that helps with drainage. Read about the addition at My Pet Chicken.

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Coop with Attached Planter

This coop is made mostly from cedar and built right next to the home’s stairs for easy access. It also has a small planter box attached. It cost about $500 to make and took about 20 hours from start to completion. See the design plans here.

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