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13 Workshop Items to Incorporate into Your Interior Decor

Decor styles are constantly changing. If you're looking for a way to bring a rustic-chic look into your home, consider using items from the workshop to decorate. Here are 13 workshop items you can try incorporating into your interior decor.

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Workbench Kitchen Island

Consider bringing the workshop look to your kitchen by using an old workbench as an island. No matter what your style, from small to large, kitchen islands can make your kitchen more functional. Here are 12 inspiring kitchen island ideas that will make you want to get renovating.

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Old Tools for Decoration

Depending on the design style you’re going for, bring some tools from the workshop inside to use as decoration. Did your grandfather have a prized-collection of hand tools? Try displaying some in a family room or entryway for a unique look and conversation starter. Try these 22 new uses for your tools or see how many different ways you can use a hammer besides for nailing.

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Sawhorses for Table Legs

Need a quick coffee table or dining room table? No problem. Use some sawhorses for table legs. An old interior door or cabinet door can work as the tabletop. Here are 10 incredible looking DIY tables.

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Stepping Stool Storage

An old stepping stool works great for boot and shoe storage in the mudroom. It can also work as a plant stand in the living room or on an enclosed porch. Depending on the material, you can even paint it to match the rest of your decor. Keep your mudroom or entryway organized by building this unusual shoe organizer or by using some of these really simple organizing tips.

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binBas van der Pluijm/Shutterstock

Hardware Storage Bin

If you need more storage, trying using an old storage bin that was once used to store hardware such as nails, screws and bolts as an organizer in your home. It would make a great option for storing jewelry or craft supplies. Try these 12 simple life hacks for organizing your home.

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pegKitch Bain/Shutterstock

Pegboard for Hanging Items

You know pegboard works to hang items in your workshop, so bring some inside to use on a wall to hang decor. Pegboard works great for a laundry or craft room, and it can also help you get your home office organized. Here are 11 tips and ideas for organizing with pegboard.

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chest Wasant/Shutterstock

Old Tool Chest

Have an old tool chest? Clean it up and bring it inside to store extra blankets, board games or knitting supplies. Depending on the look, it may also work as a statement piece in a living room. Need more storage space? Try these 11 ideas for organizing your living room.

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sawSteve Collender/Shutterstock

Paint a Saw Blade

If you have an old saw blade and are feeling little creative, try painting it. Create a welcoming sign to hang at your home’s entryway. Just make sure it’s out of reach of little ones. Check out these 15 awesome ideas for entryways.

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oil canStocksnapper/Shutterstock

A Rustic Vase

Have an old oil can in the workshop? Clean it up and bring it inside to use as a flower vase. Try using a kitchen castoff as a gorgeous DIY flower planter.

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hookPalii Oleg/Shutterstock

Use Some Hooks

An old metal hook from the workshop can have a new life inside. Use the hook to hang an indoor plant or a decoration in the corner of your living room. Try these 10 indoor plants you (probably) can’t kill.

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framesBanana Republic images/Shutterstock

Unique Art

Create a gallery wall that will surely spark conversation. Try framing old blueprints from the workshop or some vintage labels or old workshop signs. Check out these 15 stunning wall accents to get some ideas and then learn the easiest way to hang a gallery wall.

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Wooden Ladder for Storage

An old wooden ladder from the workshop can be used several ways inside. Try using it to hang pots and pans in the kitchen or drape blankets over it in the living room. Revolutionize your kitchen with 30 genius ideas.

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FH12MAY_HANGUP_01-3Family Handyman

Tools as a Coat Rack

If you get creative, you can use old tools as hooks for a coat rack. Try using old hammers to make a great looking DIY coat hook.

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