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13 Tips for Better Fall Grilling

Don't let the chill in the air keep you away from the grill. Here are 13 fall-inspired grilling tips.

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Don't Be a Turkey About Grilling Turkeykarenfoleyphotography/Shutterstock

Don't Be a Turkey About Grilling Turkey

Who says you must cook that Thanksgiving turkey inside? Whether you have a gas grill or use charcoal, fall grilling that bird can be a delicious new take on the big dinner. And Butterball offers tips for grilling a turkey. Grill Storage Tips for the Winter.
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How 'Bout Them ApplesLestertair/Shutterstock

How 'Bout Them Apples

After that trip to the apple orchard, grill up some apples with your dinner. Apples stand up well to the heat and can be a tasty addition to the main dish or dessert. Just slice cored apples in half, brush them with a little oil or melted butter and cook them over medium heat until they're tender.
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Try a Fall Grilling MarinadeIrina Rostokina/Shutterstock

Try a Fall Grilling Marinade

Try fall flavors in your homemade fall grilling marinades. Maple, rosemary and bourbon are all flavors of the season. The Spruce offers this fall-inspired marinade featuring bourbon.


•  1 cup bourbon •  One cup brown sugar •  1 cup oil •  One cup mustard •  1 cup Worcestershire sauce


1. Combine all ingredients and mix until the sugar is dissolved.

2. Marinate meats for four to 12 hours before grilling.

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Squash SkewersDiana Taliun/Shutterstock

Squash Skewers

Try fall grilling butternut squash. Peel it, remove the seeds and cut into 1-inch pieces. Coat the pieces in some olive oil and place them on skewers. Cook them over medium high for five to seven minutes. Unsure about grill fuels? Grilling 101: All About Grill Fuels.
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Grill Your ChiliBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Grill Your Chili

Use a large cast iron Pan or Dutch oven to cook your chili on the grill. Plus, Weber offers tips such as using a charcoal grill to cook a pot of chili in just over an hour. And using your grill will add a smoky richness you just can't get inside.
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Try Some Leeksalicja neumiler/Shutterstock

Try Some Leeks

Instead of throwing your fall-harvest leeks into a soup, try this simple recipe and serve them up as a side dish. Clean and trim the leeks. Next, split them in half lengthwise and coat with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Finally, grill them about five minutes per side, or until they are tender. Fall grilling with gas? Learn How to Determine Propane Tank Levels.
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Make Quick Work of Pulled Pork

Make Quick Work of Pulled Pork

Making pulled pork for the big game or tailgating event? Shredder Claws from Cave Tools will make quick work of meat shredding. And the bear paw shape also makes them handy for picking up and transferring hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands. Photo: Cave Tools
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Try Grilling a PumpkinGeNik/Shutterstock

Try Grilling a Pumpkin

Try fall grilling a pumpkin for your next fall dessert. Just clean off the outside of a sugar (pie) pumpkin and poke some holes in the shell to allow for ventilation. And place the pumpkin in a 8x8-inch glass dish and cook on a grill at 350-375 degrees for 45-60 minutes, or until tender. Next, when it's cool enough to handle, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and scoop the flesh into a bowl. Finally, use the cooked pumpkin for pie, or toss with some cinnamon and sugar and eat with ice cream.
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Grilled SalsaLiliya Kandrashevich/Shutterstock

Grilled Salsa

Instead of making your regular go-to salsa recipe for the Sunday game, try fall grilling your peppers, onions and tomatoes. For peppers and onions, cut and place on skewers. But for tomatoes, grill them whole over indirect heat until tender. Then chop and combine with the rest of your salsa ingredients.
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Grill a LasagnaBernd Juergens/Shutterstock

Grill a Lasagna

You can fall grill lasagna or any other casserole! Just heat a grill to medium and place the prepared lasagna or casserole over indirect heat. And grill covered for 45 minutes to one hour.
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Grill Wings For the GameJag­_cz/Shutterstock

Grill Wings For the Game

Wings don't have to be fried. When making wings for a crowd, try fall grilling them. After marinating the wings, place them on medium, direct heat and grill for 25-30 minutes. And you can also skip the marinade and toss them with sauce after grilling.
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BYO Grill

BYO Grill

Need a portable grill for tailgating events? The Party Propane Grill from Coleman will fit in your car's trunk and has a push-button ignition with adjustable burner. And it's easy to clean and pack up for the next adventure. Learn How to Tune Up Your Outdoor Gas Grill. Photo: Coleman
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Make a Charred Vegetable Saladpilipphoto/Shutterstock

Make a Charred Vegetable Salad

Get the most out of the end-of-season produce and grill up vegetables for a chopped salad. Try peppers, Brussels sprouts, onions, eggplant and even romaine. Next, coat vegetables with a little oil, salt and pepper and grill over direct heat a couple minutes on each side until tender. Then chop and toss together with your favorite dressing.

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