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13 Snow Fort Masterpieces You Have to See to Believe

Whether you're 10 or 100 years old, there's something magical about a snow fort that warms the heart despite the cold. To bring out the kid in all of us, we've rounded up 13 of the most incredible snow forts you'll ever see.

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gfvh1 snow fort igloo multi colored

Add Some Color

There’s more than one way to make use of empty milk containers. In this inventive backyard snow fort, the homeowners used old milk-cartons and food coloring to mold colorful bricks to create a stained-glass effect for this igloo snow fort.

Image: Courtesy of Stuff Happens

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shutterstock_227232568 ice castleSvetlana Bogomolova/Shutterstock

Snow Castle Deluxe

Gathering this much snow to carve may seem like an amazing feat. But if you follow these snow blowing tips, you’ll have a clean driveway, And a large snow pile to start your own deluxe snow fort like this one in Russia.

Image: Svetlana Bogomolova/Shutterstock

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shutterstock_310028777 harbin ice snow castleaphotostory/Shutterstock

Harbin Castle

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is an annual event in China that runs for one month each winter and is home to the world’s largest ice sculptures. And while homeowners the world over are trying to protect their homes from winter damage, the cold Siberian winds are a benefit here to ensure the breathtaking snow forts last as long as possible.

Photo: aphotostory/Shutterstock

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05_hall-1 ice castle hotel

Ice Hotel

Get your home preparation checklist ready, the Hotel Glace is calling. This annual creation, located in Montreal, Canada. And is a stunning full-service hotel, with luxurious rooms, restaurant and even a chapel on site for special events.

Image: Courtesy of Hotel Glace

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shutterstock_1103101d snow fort castle carvedLehtikuva OY/REX/Shutterstock

Carve it Out

Another snow fort, of sorts, that accepts overnight visitors, is the Kemi Snow Castle in Romania. It is a warm site in the middle of frozen terrain. While you won’t find any DIY fire pits in your room, the hotel provides thick sheepskin blankets to keep guests toasty at night.

Photo: Lehtikuva OY/REX/Shutterstock

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shutterstock_496337095 stary night snow fort iglooKotenko Oleksandr/Shuttertock

A Classic

Who says classic has to be boring? And this snow fort igloo is stunning in its simplicity, especially at night. And this is the perfect place to hide while creating an arsenal of snowballs for your next fight.

Photo: Kotenko Oleksandr/Shuttertock

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In a Far-Off Galaxy

For those to whom the far reaches of the galaxy are not so far-far away, comes this incredibly detailed snow fort which allows access through the length of the fort, with a slide at the tail end. And this snow fort is definitely winter ready!

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

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11slwc new years eve 2015 ice castle

Light it Up

At the foothills of the Adirondacks, the Saranac Ice Festival builds a custom castle each year, complete with turrets, lights and fireworks. And if you’re looking to create the same festival feel at home, be sure to follow fire-safety guidelines when lighting off fireworks.

Photo: Courtesy of North Country Public Radio

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ice_castles__1 stary night

Cavernous Forts

These impressive snow fort structures are brilliantly engineered by spraying water over carefully constructed icicle scaffolding. And these snow forts create a haunting effect that is equal parts awe-inspiring and beautiful.

Photo: Courtesy of KPCW Broadcasting

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07_chapelle snow fort church

Going to the Chapel

We’ve heard of interesting places to host wedding parties but in an ice chapel? And anyone looking to get married inside this snow fort is guaranteed to have cold feet!

Image: Courtesy of Hotel Glace

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alpen-skate-c2a9-christopher-martin-5839-3 ice castle skating rink

Like Glass

A shining beacon on the frozen expanse of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, this ice castle sits nestled at the foot of majestic peaks. And it is surrounded by a large ice rink.

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Martin Photography

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keystone-032410-c-karen-rubin-072e2-kidtopia1 castle snow fort

Go Strong

When it comes to a snow fort (and homes), good fortification means everything. And this snow fort sure packs a punch that could shelter any army of snowball-wielding soldiers during their next attack.

Photo: Courtesy of Going Places Near and Far

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shutterstock_513712906 snow fort castleGiusparta/Shutterstock

Crowning Glory

While technically more of a snow sculpture than a snow fort, the scale, detail and majesty of this Chinese castle can’t be ignored. And one wonders at the array of tools these pros used to create such a masterpiece.

Photo: Giusparta/Shutterstock