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13 Amazon Items that Every DIYer Will Want

Working on your next project just got SO much easier.

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Magnetic WristbandPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Magnetic Wristband

Never have to reach far for nails, nuts, or bolts ever again! This magnetic wristband holds those small pieces that you need while working on a project. This is especially helpful if you are up on a ladder or in a position where that box of nails is completely out of reach.
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161 Piece Complete Household Tool KitPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

161 Piece Complete Household Tool Kit

This is perfect for that first-time DIYer who needs to stock up on everything. This toolset includes a cordless screwdriver, a claw hammer, an adjustable wrench, long nose and diagonal pliers, and a bit holder with 40 most-needed bits. All in one sturdy, compact case (with a lifetime quality guarantee).
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Multi Angle Measuring Tool Folding RulerPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Multi Angle Measuring Tool Folding Ruler

What DIYer wouldn’t want an even more precise cut when working on a project? This ruler will make measuring out your cut even easier. It’s highly versatile, multifunctional, and comes in a case to keep it in pristine condition.
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Canvas Shop ApronPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Canvas Shop Apron

If you’re going to DIY, you need that classic apron! This is especially great for those DIYers who hate wearing tool belts and care about the state of their flannels. It is scratch-resistant, water resistant, stain and wear resistant, and the fabric feels light—which is great for those hotter summer days.
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Wall Control Modular Pegboard Tool Organizer SystemPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Wall Control Modular Pegboard Tool Organizer System

There’s no reason to have crowded shelves and drawers full of tools with an organizer like this. Use up that blank wall space in your garage or workshop with this pegboard tool organizer, which allows you to set it up however you wish. The pegboard includes standard hooks, medium hooks, U-Hooks, 1x1 C-Brackets, 2x2 C-Brackets, a screwdriver holder, an accessory holder, and a hammer handle holder.
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Laser Level Measurement ToolPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Laser Level Measurement Tool

Hanging and leveling out artwork in your home will actually be a fun task with this laser level tool. With three different laser settings, this tool will help you hang a picture perfectly straight every time. It even has a retractable tape measure with a standard metric ruler to measure and mark any angles you need.
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Digital Laser Distance MeterPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Digital Laser Distance Meter

Another great laser tool that will make measuring a much faster process. This tool will accurately measure distance, as well as length, height, area, and volume. It has a 196-foot range, and works both indoor and outdoor.
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Leather Work GlovesPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Leather Work Gloves

If you don’t have work gloves, you’re probably going to want to grab a pair ASAP. These gloves are exactly what you’ll need for all of your DIY projects. They are high quality with excellent grip and are great for all types of purposes: DIY projects, construction, landscaping, power & hand tools, equipment operation, garden construction, or even for driving or riding a motorcycle.
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11-in-1 Multi ToolsPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

11-in-1 Multi Tools

Your pocket knife just got a huge upgrade! This 11-in-1 multi tool kit can fit right in your pocket. It comes with a needle nose plier, regular plier, wire cutters, serrated-edge knife, Phillips screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, sharp knife, metal file, medium flat screwdriver, can opener, and a bottle opener.
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Magnetic Interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdriver SetPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Magnetic Interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

Can’t go wrong with a classic screwdriver set—especially one that comes with numerous bits. Forget buying individual screwdrivers and get this interchangeable one instead. Comes with six different bits including a Phillips, slotted, Pozidriv, and torx.
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Canvas Tool PouchPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Canvas Tool Pouch

Not a fan of aprons? This tool pouch will do! With seven roomy pockets and 10 tool loops, it will hold everything you could possibly need while working on a project. It resists dirt and heavy stains, has a Velcro fastener, and is very easy to wash.
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Multi-Function Precision Wood Metal and AC Electrical Wire DetectorPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Multi-Function Precision Wood Metal and AC Electrical Wire Detector

Doing some drilling into the walls? The last thing you’ll want is to hit some type of metal or electrical wire. Use this handy tool to scan for those pieces inside your wall that should not be severed by a drill.
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Safety GlassesPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon

Safety Glasses

Yes, you need to protect those eyes if you’re working on any project—especially with power tools! These protective glasses are lightweight, can handle smoke, and keep both of your eyeballs safe with its wraparound frame.

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