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12 Really Stupid As-Seen-On-TV Things That Are Actually Really Great

Sure, they're quirky concepts with stupid names, but once you get your hands on these As Seen on TV products, you'll understand why they've sold so many.

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Gekkopod Smartphone Tripod Mount

This universal smartphone holder is funny looking, but it sure does work! Featuring legs that can grip/wrap and hold tight to almost anything, the tripod holds your smartphone securely and bends in any direction.

Plus, check out these 16 tips for using your smartphone for DIY projects.

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Lint Lizard

Avoid the danger of a dryer lint fire with this As Seen on TV product. The Lint Lizard vacuum hose attachment makes it possible to collect dust and lint that a typical dryer lint collector can’t. The handy device measures more than 3-1/2 feet long, so it can clean out all of those tough-to-reach places.

If your dryer breaks down, you can probably fix it yourself. Here’s how.

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Huggle Hoodie

This As Seen on TV product may seem like a silly purchase, but people have been going nuts for it! The concept behind the Huggle Hoodie is essentially a blanket you can wear. Or a sweatshirt you can snuggle in. In other words, it’s an over-sized hoodie that provides the warmth of a cozy blanket.

“I love this because it is not a circular blanket…it has sleeves so a person can also work while wearing it,” says a reviewer.

Another reviewer leaves a hilarious, albeit promising review of why you might want to consider purchasing one yourself:

“The Ontel Huggle Hoodie has quickly turned into my wife’s favorite present that I’ve ever given her…more than her wedding ring, our house, or even our children. She loves this thing. Little did I know at the time of gifting that she would wear it all day, every day. At a mere 115 lbs, the hoodie totally encases her, resembling a garden gnome at times. Which, for her, is wonderful because we live in the Antarctica of the U.S.; i.e. Minnesota. At least she is happy…and warm. Subsequently, we now own three of these; of which, I have my own.”

You may also like these instant tricks for making your home feel cozy.

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Angry Mama

This slightly scary looking As Seen on TV product does just what it says it will! Here’s how this device works: You fill it with water and vinegar, microwave it for seven minutes and then you’ll see that the hardened gunk in the microwave has loosened up! Wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel and thank Angry Mama for doing such a great job!

These are the 12 things you should never put in a microwave.

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Easy Eggwich

This As Seen on TV product is your answer to feeding hungry kids in a jiff, or giving yourself a yummy breakfast treat quickly when you’re trying to run out the door. It cooks eggs and meat at the same time, and can deliver a perfect breakfast sandwich in just one minute in the microwave. Oh yeah, and it costs less than $10!

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Scrub Daddy

This powerful little guy is a game changer. The not-so-average sponge is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, giving you great grip and coverage so you can spend less time scrubbing. It also changes texture depending on the temperature of the water you’re using, making it more effective than your run-of-the-mill sponge.

Here’s how to make a soap-dispensing dish scrubber with a Mason jar.

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For when reaching for the coffee table is just too strenuous, the CouchCoaster comes to the rescue. It also keeps accidental spills from happening if you’re one of those people who like to tempt fate by balancing your coffee cup on the arm of the sofa. Plus, it’s a great space-saver if you don’t have room for a coffee table.

Here are 12 ways to make your furniture last longer.

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Open Wine Bottle Protector

With 84 percent of people giving it five stars on Amazon, we had include this item. Once you get your head out of the gutter, you’re going to be thrilled you considered this As Seen on TV product. This awkward sounding but totally effective solution to resealing opened bottles of wine is the brainchild of a mother and son duo!

“These are amazing. I bought them as a Christmas gift for my wine-loving sister in law. She loved them! I ended up buying myself some too. You can use them more than once. They are slightly hard to get on, but that just assures a tight seal. I especially like that you do not have to worry about your wine stoppers height fitting in the fridge,” says a reviewer.

Check out these 10 ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

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Top Ramen Rapid Cooker

Can Top Ramen really get any simpler? With this As Seen on TV product it can! The cooker whips up ramen in just 2 to 3 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for water to boil or consider washing pots, pans and other dishes. Ninety percent of Amazon reviewers gave it five stars, so you know it’s good.

“I really like this product for the quickness and ease,” says a reviewer. “Pretty simple! Take any packaged noodles that are in the rectangular format and insert with seasoning, fill the line to the line in the container, and microwave for 3 minutes. Wait a few minutes to cool down and mix up and eat.”

Here are 10 things you should never wash in your dishwasher.

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Tornado Bottle

Despite its menacing name, this portable self-mixing water bottle is an epic find! Avoid putting the elbow grease into shaking away the lumps in your drinks with this As Seen on TV product. With the Tornado Bottle, you simply pour in your liquid, add in your favorite powder, then press the mix button. Your perfect drink is ready in no time.

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Squatty Potty

This As Seen on TV product is very popular, despite its unusual name and purpose. The Squatty Potty was designed to help you eliminate in the position nature intended. While it may feel strange at first, your body will quickly adjust to the new position. Enough said.

Here’s why old houses have random toilets in the basement.

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The Knork

A knife and a fork in one, the “Knork” is the lazy person’s way to use (and clean) fewer utensils. Using a simple rocking motion, the design features outer beveled tines that allow you to cut your food without being too sharp to eat with.

You may also be interested in these 10 ways to tidy your kitchen, according to Marie Kondo.

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