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12 DIY Projects That Don’t Require Power Tools

You can tackle plenty of functional and fun projects without the use of any power tools. Check out these 12 DIY projects that don't require power tools, and get to work on your favorite!

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epoxy countertops Family Handyman

Pour a Faux Marble Countertop

Marble is soft and porous, making it prone to scratches, stains and chipping. It’s also expensive. You can pour this epoxy coating right over your existing countertops for a marble-like finish—at a tenth of the cost. Plus, these countertops are tough. We dragged heavy pots and pans across them without damage. If your countertops are in need of a refresh, consider covering them with epoxy for a stunning new look. To make this job a bit less time-consuming, you could use an orbital sander and trim router, but are both optional.

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Gettyimages 1130372914

Repaint Your Drawer Fronts

If you want to upgrade a dresser without spending a lot of money or time, paint just the drawer fronts. If possible, remove the fronts from the drawers and take off any knobs or pulls. Put the drawer fronts on sawhorses or a paper-covered table for easy painting. Consider replacing the knobs or pulls to further revive the look.

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Update Your Backsplash

If you’ve ever spread tile adhesive on your walls, cut tiles with a wet saw or set grout on new tile, then you know how long it takes and how much it can cost. (If not, here’s a guide that shows you the steps.) Peel-and-stick tile can be applied fairly quickly, at lower cost and with a lot less mess. For tools, you’ll only need a utility knife, ruler and level. For time, you’ll need at least a few hours, but probably not more than a day.

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plant air plant in air plant planterFamily Handyman

Make a Mini Planter

This modern desktop planter is perfect for low-maintenance air plants and it only takes a few quick steps to complete. Check out the complete how-to instructions here.

You can also use recycled glass jars for simple mini succulent planters.

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garden archway trellis rebarFamily Handyman

Build a Garden Archway

Make this charming metal garden trellis from around $30 of steel rebar—no welding required! We’ll show you how to bend the arches and attach the decorative circles with wire. When you’re done, start some climbing plants at its base to create an attractive and lush addition to your garden.

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hang art work picture frames_152299592lakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

Hang Picture Frames

For framed items, 3M adhesive hangers make a great substitute for a nail. These damage-free, easy-to-install hangers come in many different weight capacities—you determine the weight of what you want to hang and choose the hanger to match. When moving day comes, pull them off the wall and there will likely be no adhesive residue, making them very landlord-friendly.

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paint and prep chairHalfpoint/Getty Images

Bring New Life to an Old Chair

Don’t donate your old chairs just yet! A fresh coat of paint or stain may be all your chairs need to look new again. Painting an old wooden chair is pretty easy if you take the time to properly prep it before painting or staining. And if the chair has a fabric seat that’s seen better days, here’s how to reupholster it.

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Transform a Room with Wallpaper

Removable vinyl wallpaper and decals give you the freedom to add character to a room, without permanently changing it. There are countless options including removable accent decals and rolls of brick- or wood-look paper. No power tools required!

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If you have paint cans, varnish and other workshop staples stacking up on your shelves or workbench, it’s time to reorganize your workshop and tool collection. Take time to group like items together and place them in spots that makes sense to you, so you don’t lose track of anything in the process. Here are 51 brilliant for organizing your garage to help.

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Create a Gallery Wall

Collect your favorite framed photos, artwork and keepsakes and make them a focal point in any room by creating a no-fuss, no-nail gallery wall. Simply add self-adhesive strips, such as Command picture-hanging strips, to the picture frame backing, then stick the frames to the wall.

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pint sized water gardensFamily Handyman

Create Pint-Sized Water Gardens

These pint-sized water gardens are extremely low maintenance. Top them off with water before you go on vacation, and they’re still beautiful when you come home. Container water gardens are inexpensive and easy to build, too—no power tools required.

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concrete house numbersFamily Handyman

Make Concrete House Numbers

Welcome visitors (and help out pizza-delivery people) by creating these cool concrete house numbers for your front yard. Watch the video below to see how this project comes together, then follow the simple steps to do it yourself!