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12 Beautiful Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but its not too late to transform your bedroom into the room of your dreams. Check out our collection of a dozen ways to make your bedroom more romantic.

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valentine's day Dreamy Canopy Bed Korneevets Vydrenkova/Shutterstock

Create a Dreamy Canopy Bed

Freshening up the look of your bed is a sure-fire way to bring new life to your bedroom. You could build a new frame or spruce-up your existing one. Adding a canopy can be as simple as draping some suitable fabric—muslin, lace, tulle and chiffon are all good choices for a floaty feel, but silks and satins add a touch of luxury.

A canopy can be attached to the wall if it just extends over the pillows, but a design like this DIY canopy bed makes a great base for billowy, draped fabric.

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Build a Traditional Rustic BedPhoto: Courtesy of Ana White

Build a Traditional Rustic Bed

If you’re not into frou frou, but you love the look of traditional farmhouse design, then creating a rustic ambiance to your room is a simple affair. A farmhouse bed, such as this design by Ana White, is straightforward to create and will grace your bedroom beautifully. Floral print bedding and soft furnishings add to the farmhouse feel, or go more contemporary with neutral colors and distressed wood flooring. The key is to keep things unfussy.

Of course, to complete the picture, you also need your furniture and accessories to reflect the farmhouse look, so check out these 20 easy ways to add farmhouse style to any home.

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Create a Gorgeous New Headboard Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock

Create a Gorgeous New Headboard

With the bed frame sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to the headboard, and the sky’s the limit here. Naturally you’ll want something that matches your overall décor, and there’s a wealth of ideas to choose from, including these 11 dreamy headboard ideas. Traditional designs will favor a plush, tufted board, while a floral fabric headboard suits a farmhouse décor. If you’re handy with a jigsaw, a scrollwork headboard makes a stunning bedroom feature.

Practical headboards, such as those with integral bedside tables or book shelves can be decorated with flowers and candles to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme.

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Construct an Affordable Pallet Bed books headboardAnna Gribtsova/Shutterstock

Construct an Affordable Pallet Bed

If you’re a pallet lover, you can build a unique bed from reclaimed pallet wood. Leave the wood in its natural state for a dressed-down look, or sand and stain it for a richer hue. White paint always looks fresh and clean, or choose tones to match your walls to tie the whole room together.

Best of all, constructing with pallets lets you use your imagination to build a custom bed, and other furniture to match, if you so desire. And if you’re looking for more DIY bedroom furniture ideas, take a look at our ingenious suggestions.

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Freshen your bedroom With a New Coat of Paint CoralDotshock/Shutterstock

Freshen your bedroom With a New Coat of Paint

Nothing will brighten up a room more quickly for Valentine’s Day than a coat of fresh paint. Whether you opt for neutrals and pastels to keep things cool, or vibrant and zingy to add some pop, a newly painted bedroom will help you set a romantic ambiance.

And painting a room doesn’t have to be a long process! Check out our advice on how to paint a room fast, to discover hacks for swift preparation, smart painting techniques and painting window frames quickly.

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Install Mood Lighting Witsawawit Sangsila/Shutterstock

Install Mood Lighting

Good lighting can make or break your bedroom vibe, and as a general rule, the subtler the better—no one wants harsh lighting in a Valentine’s Day bedroom! It’s a simple job to install dimmer switches to reduce the glare from overhead lights or even wall lamps. But swapping out your existing bulbs for lower wattage will provide a gentler glow too, as well as being a quick solution.

Table lamps are another alternative. Place them where they won’t cast a dazzling beam in the eyes, and use softer bulbs for a calmer effect.

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create a focal point outdoor string lights with succulents and antler decorAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Break Out the Fairy Lights

Fairy (or string) lights are not just for the holidays, you know! Add a whimsical touch to your Valentine’s Day bedroom décor and dust off your fairy lights for some sparkly highlights. A string of lights can be draped around the headboard or threaded into a bed canopy. Lights can be strung across a curtain rod, arranged as a decorative feature on wall art, or become an even more striking feature when coiled in a glass jar or arranged on a mirror.

If you’re considering LED lights, check our these 10 things you should know.

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shutterstock_219349261 bedroom drape swagsAnna Baburkina/Shutterstock

Drape Superb Swags

If you like a royal touch, fabric swag curtains mounted on the wall above the headboard can add a sweeping flair to a Valentine’s Day bedroom. The traditional fabric swag can be a simple swathe of cloth, and they’re very easy to create. For those with some floristry talent, a fresh floral swag can make a superb finishing touch to a canopy or four-poster bed frame. You can even cheat and use artificial flowers, if you want your swag to last longer than a few days.

But swags don’t have to be pretty and feminine. Choose bold fabric prints to make a statement, use dried flowers, grasses and seed heads for rustic appeal, or change out the fabric to coordinate with the seasons.

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romantic bedroom candles chandelier Room27/Shutterstock

Light Some Candles

Nothing gives a more romantic atmosphere than the flickering glow of a candle, and if they’re lightly scented, so much the better. There’s a wealth of ways you can use candles to bring a touch of elegance to your Valentine’s Day bedroom. Votive candles and tea-lights are lovely when arranged individually, but have even more impact when grouped. Large floor candles, perhaps displayed in glass jars, add an exotic touch, or try traditional church-style candles on stands of varying heights. And homemade beeswax candles not only look amazing, but will give out a faint honey fragrance as well.

Naturally, take great care to keep furnishings away from open flames, and never leave burning candles unattended.

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aromatherapy candle melter essential oilsFocal point/Shutterstock

Try Some Soothing Aromatherapy

A beautifully scented room complements romantic décor. As well as scented candles, you can use essential oils in a diffuser or oil warmer. Rose, jasmine and sandalwood are all good choices. Careful placing of accent blooms such as a single orchid or lily next to the burner or diffuser will add a real touch of luxury. Potpourri is another option. Choose your favorite scent from a wide range of florals, as well as pine and exotic fragrances to suit every taste.

Be careful to place oil warmers and potpourri containers on a mat, especially is you’re using open baskets, as the oils can stain your furniture. And for next year, why not grow your own scented flowers and herbs, such as lavender, rosemary and lemon verbena?

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shutterstock_199884179 bedroom flowersFrameAngel/Shutterstock

Say it with flowers

What could grace a romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom better than a profusion of beautiful blooms or petals? Flowers can be chosen for their look or for their fragrance. An artful bouquet looks wonderful simply placed in a vase on the bedside table. Choose your vase to match the décor and flowers. A simple white pitcher with spring daffodils or mini sunflowers looks perfect in a rustic setting.

Flowers can also be displayed in swags, wall hangers and on plant stands. If you feel that fresh flowers are not economical, choose a beautiful houseplant that will last for years.

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valentines day bedroom rose petals champagne chocolate covered strawberries romanticDaniel Novoa/Shutterstock

And Don’t Forget the Important Little Extras

Don’t forget those little finishing touches that will make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Chocolates, champagne and fresh fruit set out on the night stand help make your bedroom feel like a luxury suite.

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