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12 Bathroom Color Trends to Try Today

Whether you're looking to feel relaxed or energized, a new color can give your bathroom a much-needed refresh. Here are 12 bathroom color trends that are hot right now.

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Go Bold with your Bathroom ColorPlusONE/Shutterstock

Go Bold with your Bathroom Color

Move over beige. Safe colors are making way for bolder bathroom color palettes. Try a Caribbean-inspired turquoise for a tranquil feel. And if you want a quick transformation from blah to bold, learn how to paint a room in fast.
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Move Over

Move Over White

For years, bathrooms weren't thought of as a room for a lot of color, but those days are gone. If you're not willing to commit to a bright bathroom color on the walls. So try bright accents such as a red mirror or tiled floor. You don't have to spend a lot of money and completely redo the bathroom to give it a whole new look.
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Reinvent FreshGWImages/Shutterstock

Reinvent Fresh

Color forecasting, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is all about reinventing the way you put colors together to create a fresh look. Instead of the overdone sky blue with yellow, try using an aqua or deeper blue highlighted with an undersea green for a relaxing bathroom color experience.
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Think Skin Tonesalexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Think Skin Tones

Since most skin tones are pink, warm tones will help pick up that color. Think peaches or various oranges for a bathroom color that will be flattering when you're getting ready in the morning. And mix with wood fixtures for a modern look. Also, if your bathroom is small, don't be discouraged. Here's how to remodel a small bathroom.
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Lovely LavenderArtazum/Shutterstock

Lovely Lavender

Move over deep purple. Lavenders are surging in popularity and help create a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. And pair lavender hues with white and black for a classic look.
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New Blues _LeS_/Shutterstock

New Blues

For bathrooms, dark blues are out, powder blues are in. And this bathroom color hue is light and airy and brings a feeling of serenity to a space. Bonus: Powder blues also evoke a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
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Bold Greensarchideaphoto/Shutterstock

Bold Greens

Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery and greens will continue to trend when it comes to bathroom décor. Greens are great for pairing with neutrals while adding a bold, unexpected color to the bathroom.
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Hints of Yellowarchideaphoto/Shutterstock

Hints of Yellow

While yellow isn't the best choice for an all-over bathroom color since it can fight with your complexion and make makeup application difficult, yellow accessories and accents are exploding when it comes to bathroom design. Also, try adding some yellow hues in tiles, accessories or mirror frames. And want to try something bold? So learn trendy paint patterns to spice up walls.
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Rich ChocolatePoprugin Aleksey/Shutterstock

Rich Chocolate

Luscious browns add drama to a room. And for a new twist on the look, try pairing brown with metallic accents. Worried about the mess associated with redoing a bathroom? Believe it or not, you can remodel your bathroom without destroying it.
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Give Black a TryPlusONE/Shutterstock

Give Black a Try

Black is one of the most talked about bathroom shades right now because it's so unexpected. Try matte black walls with a white vanity. Black also works great with white subway tile.
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Powder PinksImageFlow/Shutterstock

Powder Pinks

Warm pinks are coming back big time and work well in bathrooms with minimal light. And pair a delicate pink bathroom color with metallic accents and/or white tiles. Want to try pink tile for a retro look? These tile tips can help.
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All Things GrayArtazum/Shutterstock

All Things Gray

Try cool grays, such as granite or charcoal, for an unexpected twist from the traditional lighter-toned grays. Wood accents can warm up the hue. And bold-colored accents will add a bright contrast to ensure the space doesn't look drab.

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