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11 Ways to Use Tools to Help With Meal Prep

Cut down on time spent preparing for a holiday meal by powering up with tools. Check out these ways to use tools with meal prep.

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Crack Nuts with Tools

Crack Nuts with Tools

The holiday season can bring out varieties of nuts for guests to enjoy but what if you don't have a nutcracker around? Grab a clamp or some pliers to get the job done. Check out the other innovative tool uses to crack nuts.
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Peel Apples with a Drill

Peel Apples with a Drill

Peeling apples is a breeze when you put a drill to it. Get your pies made quicker with the power of a drill to help peel. Check out how we peel apples with a drill.
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Drill Open Cans

Drill Open Cans

You don't have time to waste with prepping for the big meal, especially with jellied cranberries. Rip open that can and get eating by using a drill as a can opener. Learn the steps to create a can opener with a drill.
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Grate Cheese in a Breeze

Grate Cheese in a Breeze

Turn that drill into a cheese-grating machine and churn out cheese on dishes quicker than a server at an Italian restaurant. Add some power to the cheese-grating experience and learn how to use a drill to grate cheese.
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Pile on the Pepper

Pile on the Pepper

If the tread life of your pepper grinder has worn out, then upgrade to using a drill. Learn how to assemble a pepper grinder with a drill.
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Cordless Kitchen Drill MixerFamily Handyman

Cordless Kitchen Drill Mixer

Sometimes we find it tough to mix stuff in a small jar by hand. Like old-fashioned oily peanut butter, for instance. It's not uncommon for us to reach for a power tool to solve a problem, so out to the garage we went. As it turns out, the handle of a mixing spoon fits perfectly in the chuck of our cordless drill! Find out how to install keyless drill chuck.
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Propane Torch

Torches are used all the time to finish crème brûlée but you can also use a torch to cook plenty of other things. Over at Instructables, one ambitious culinary innovator used a torch to cook a steak dinner complete with asparagus. It might be like plan D if mayhem ensues as you try to cook your holiday meal. Just try to avoid any potential great goofs with a propane torch.
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Reciprocating Saw to Cut Meat

Maybe you thought your electric knife got sharpened prior to seating everyone for dinner but it's duller than a dad joke. Rescue the captive audience with a reciprocating saw to slice the meat, just make sure it's sanitized before you use it. Find out what else you can use a reciprocating saw for around the home. Photo: Courtesy of Food for Hunters
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Paint Brush as a Pastry BrushFamily Handyman

Paint Brush as a Pastry Brush

A paint brush is essentially the same as a pastry brush, just make sure you use a brand new paint brush if you need something for baking pastries. Find out how to keep your paint brushes clean at home.
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Caulking Gun Pastry Bag

If you don’t like using a regular pastry bag to place frosting on your desserts, try a modified caulking gun. There are several already on the market. Learn some tips for regular old caulking.
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Drill Out Veggies for Stuffed Treats

Getting exotic in the kitchen can mean grabbing something from the garage. Merge the two worlds if you want to create a stuffed food item like stuffed zucchini. Build a drill dock to keep track of your can opening drill and your food stuffing drill. Photo: Courtesy of Zvizvi/Instructables