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11 Simple DIY Decorating Ideas to Transform a Room

With just a little imagination and time, you can easily transform a room with these decorating tips.

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Go GreenMyimagine/Shutterstock

Go Green

You don't have to go overboard decorating with flowers and plants—a single leaf or stem can look great in a slender vase. You can also add a small herb garden to your kitchen windowsill to not only add color to the room, but flavor to your meals. Learn how to create a Concrete Air Plant Planter.
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Switch Out a BulbChones/Shutterstock

Switch Out a Bulb

Try a lower-wattage bulb to change a room's mood. You can go from bright to romantic in moments. Another fun idea is to swap out an old bulb with a new Edison bulb to give your decor a retro spin. Does your favorite lamp need some work? Fix a Lamp Cord.
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Mix-and-Match GlasswareSvetlana Lukienko/Shutterstock

Mix-and-Match Glassware

Try mixing old and new glassware on display shelves. Don't be afraid to add colored glass, as it will add a pop of color. Build your own shelves with these tips.
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Try a New Lamp ShadeWichitS/Shutterstock

Try a New Lamp Shade

Revive a tired looking lamp with a new shade. Bright colors may even keep the winter blues at bay. Looking to add even more color? Learn How to Choose Paint Colors.
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Mirror, Mirror on the WallDavid Papazian/Shutterstock

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A well-placed mirror can make a small room seem larger. For a custom look that's inexpensive, find a vintage frame and have mirrored glass cut to fit. You can also decorate your mirror frame with glass tile.
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Paint the Ceilingllike/Shutterstock

Paint the Ceiling

Instead of painting the ceiling white, pick a color! Blue-grays, yellows and lavenders all help draw the eye up without being overwhelming. Here are some Best-Kept Secrets of Professional Painters.
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Make a Display Tableeurobanks/Shutterstock

Make a Display Table

Have a piece of Plexiglass cut to fit a tabletop. Then tuck favorite photos, postcards or fun fabric underneath. When you're done, take a great picture of the finished product with these Tips for Better Photos of Your DIY Projects.
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Repurpose a LadderAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Repurpose a Ladder

That old wooden ladder in the garage can work as a spot to store extra blankets and add an element of coziness to a room.
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Fun Flower VasesIdeya/Shutterstock

Fun Flower Vases

Hide a flower vase in a pair of rain boots for a simple, fun way to decorate an entryway. Pumpkins also make great decorations for entryways.
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Stack your BooksOzgur Coskun/Shutterstock

Stack your Books

Pick out some of your favorite books and stack them on an end table or bench or alternate stacked books with books placed upright on a bookshelf. Piled books will draw the eye to an area. Have a lot of books? Build your own bookshelf.

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