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11 Ideas for Organizing Your Shed

Looking for ways to clean up your garden shed mess? We've got the best projects for organizing your shed and finally finding the right place for all those hard-to-store items.

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dfh1_shutterstock_654709843 bike mobile cartInna Reznik/Shutterstock

Make Use of a Mobile Cart

A mobile cart is a great solution to keep your frequently used garden tools and supplies (gloves, soil, trowels, etc.) in one spot and properly organized. You have two choices here: First, you can try our DIY garden cart project to use materials you may already have. Second, you can buy a durable garden center that can hold a wider variety of items. Both are a great fit for organizing your shed.

Photo: Inna Reznik/Shutterstock

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dfh2_shutterstock_414064312 organizing your shedEmber/Shutterstock

Install a Track for Holding Tools

We particularly like the GearTrack rack for organizing your shed, because it’s easy to install. These tracks can hold a variety of different-sized tools, making them ideal for your shed. Remember to install the rack fairly high up in your shed to free up floor space.

Photo: Stefano Ember/Shutterstock

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garden tool storageVia Gardener's Supply Company

Create a Garden Supply Cupboard on an External Wall

A garden supply cupboard is a fun little cubby that you can mount on the outside of your shed. Pull the box open, and it can hold common garden tools or supplies you use every day. This helps when organizing your shed and makes cleanup easier, too. Check out our plans for a cupboard to see if it works for you.

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dfh4_shutterstock_750907504 pegboard organizer toolsItsPaz/Shutterstock

Make Space for a Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard is one of the best materials for organizing your shed. Install a wall of pegboard, and with the right hooks and attachments you can transform that wall into whatever type of storage space you need. Add a few labels for better organization, and you’ve got a great solution. Here’s our guide on how to use pegboard for storage.

Photo: ItsPaz/Shutterstock

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dfh5_shutterstock_390821551 patio pillows outdoor furnitureStockforlife/Shutterstock

Seal Up Patio Cushions and Related Items

If you use your garden shed to store patio cushions and other seasonal items, then you need a way to protect those cushions and keep them from cluttering up your shelves. We suggest a cushion storage bag, which is designed for this very thing, but you can also repurpose any large, sealable plastic bags.

Photo: Stockforlife/Shutterstock

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DIY garage tool storageFamily Handyman

Simple Rack for Long-Handled Tools

This compact rack is strong and simple to build. You can store shovels, rakes, a sledgehammer—any long-handled tools—conveniently up and out of the way.

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dfh7_shutterstock_561651205 Potting Bench gardeningDel Boy/Shutterstock

Add a Potting Bench

We have plans for a beautiful cedar potting bench that you can construct for your garden shed. This allows you to concentrate the messiness of working with plants into a single area that’s made for just that kind of work.

Photo: Del Boy/Shutterstock

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Family Handyman

Include Plenty of Toy Storage

Do you end up using your shed to store a lot of yard toys that tend to get cluttered, even when they are “put away”? This handy cubbyhole-based project has space for lots of toys and gear.

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dfh9_shutterstock_691494142 lumber wood rack storageElRoi/Shutterstock

Build a Lumber Rack

If you use your shed for storing rough lumber and boards, you need a rack or two to keep the boards off the floor and to allow space between boards for air to circulate. If you also have plywood to store, this rack is perfect to help organize your shed.

Photo: ElRoi/Shutterstock

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dfh10_shutterstock_563242678 chemical bottles Storing Hazardous Materials Amirul Syaidi/Shutterstock

Storing Hazardous Materials

If you store any cleaners, pesticides, pool chemicals or other hazardous materials in your shed, consider keeping them up and away from kids and pets in a wall cabinet or similar lockable storage area.

Photo: Amirul Syaidi/Shutterstock

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FH14NOV_553_50_051 Storage Drawers garage orgnaizationFamily Handyman

Storage Drawers

These drawers are a great way to organize all those tools and supplies kicking around your shed. Here’s how to make these DIY garage storage drawers.