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10 Vintage Trucks That Never Went Out of Style

These classic trucks are still seen on the road today. Their old age and storied pasts make them all the more desirable to drive.

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1928 fageol vintage truckCourtesy Jacqueline Mast/Farm & Ranch Living

1928 Fageol

This truck was originally used as a freight hauler to carry loads between Sacramento and Richmond, California. After that, it was bought by a farmer who used it to deliver hay to the animals around the farm. Check out these other vintage cars you’ll wish you could still drive today.

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vintage truckCourtesy Craig Henry/Farm & Ranch Living

1929 Ford AA

This old 1929 truck has an express bed, no turn signals, and can only get up to 30 mph, but you sure would look cool driving it.

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1934 dodge pickupCourtesy Charles Lowry/Farm & Ranch Living

1934 Dodge pickup

It took 82 years for this vintage truck to develop its rusty look. In its younger years, it worked on a farm before it was put in storage and then sat in a junkyard. The insides of the car have been restored, but the owners decided to keep the rustic charm on the outside.

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vintage fordCourtesy Sharon Norton/Farm & Ranch Living

1941 Ford

This Ford truck weighs one and a half tons and the first owners used it as a logging truck. After that, it was used to haul hay, oats, and crops. If you think these old trucks look strange, wait until you see the craziest cars ever built.

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vintage chevy truck 1948Courtesy Beth McKee/Farm & Ranch Living

1948 rail-back Chevy

The bright red exterior of this Chevy truck gives it that classic look. Take a look at how popular car brands looked 50 years ago.

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december 55 dodgeAnthony Przasnyski Jr./ Farm & Ranch Living

1955 Dodge C

This vintage truck was made to be on a Christmas card. The second owner bought the car in 2010 and did his best to restore it to its original condition. Everyone gathers around to admire his work every time he brings the car out for a ride.

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green chevy vintage apacheCourtesy Jon Fredricks/Farm & Ranch Living

1959 Chevrolet Apache

This green Chevy was purchased from Sheridan Chevrolet in Sutton, Nebraska. It was originally used to haul grain but has since been passed down in the family and is still driven today. For more nostalgia, check out these photos that show what daily life was like in the 1950s.

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vintage truck

1960 Ford F150

This vintage ride has chrome American Racing wheels, a diameter replacement steering wheel, and oversized side view mirrors.

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1968 F-series fordCourtesy Rhonda Stevenson

1968 F-series Ford

This all-metal exterior truck had a fifth wheel plate that was used to pull trailers. If you want to drive this truck today you’ll have to learn to use the hand choke on the dashboard to start it, operate a manual transmission that has a stiff clutch, learn how to turn without power steering, not have power brakes, and only listen to the one radio station it gets.

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1976 ranger f-150Courtesy Ruth Hammack Bronson/Farm & Ranch Living

1976 Ranger F-150

This sturdy truck still sits proudly in the driveway of the original owner’s daughter. If you take good care of something it will last for a long time! Get a look at more vintage cars that will remind you how different and cool cars used to be.

Originally Published in Farm & Ranch Living