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16 Things DIYers Should Always Buy at Costco

You already know about the deals when it comes to food, gasoline and toiletries, but what other deals can you score when shopping at Costco? Here are 16 things DIYers should always buy at Costco.

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batteries mariva2017/Shutterstock


If you’re not using rechargeable batteries, know that the Costco brand batteries are comparable to name-brand batteries when it comes to lasting power, plus they are often on sale. Just remember to dispose of them properly.

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paper towels costcothodonal88/Shutterstock

Paper Towels

If you have a lot of messy projects, stock up on paper towels at Costco. The Kirkland brand (the Costco store brand) will hold up well to spills.

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washing hands hand soaphxdbzxy/Shutterstock

Cleaning Supplies and Hand Soap

Think disinfectant wipes, sprays and cleaning scrubs. Stock up on some hand soap to keep in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and the workshop.

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black trash bagswk1003mike/Shutterstock

Trash Bags

You know you need them each week, so stock up on trash bags during your next trip to Costco. Keep an extra package in the garage, workshop or craft area for easy cleanup.

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dfh17sep041-07 living room couch pillows large mirrorDavid Papazian/Shutterstock


Whether you’re looking to give a room an updated look or need one for a craft project, Costco is a good place to buy mirrors. Try adding a mirror to a dark room to help reflect more light.

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Plants and Seeds

When it’s time to get planting, head to Costco. The store sells plant bulbs, seed packets and some potted plants for your yard and garden.

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If you’re redoing your bathroom or adding a powder room, check out toilet prices at Costco. You won’t find a lot of options, but you’ll find a good product at a good price.

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installing wood flooringPatryk Kosmider/Shutterstock


Planning a flooring project? Costco carries laminate, vinyl tile, carpet and rubber tile and garage flooring products. Bonus: Most of Costco’s flooring products are DIY friendly.

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furnace filtersCharles Knowles/Shutterstock

Furnace Filters

Many furnace filters should to be replaced monthly. Help keep your furnace running efficiently by always having new filters on hand. Costco carries many filters in various sizes and price points.

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wd 40imrankadir/Shutterstock

Popular DIY Products

Home mechanics can use Costco to stock up on motor oil and DIYers can always use WD-40. Maybe you’re always in need of painters or electrical tape. No matter what product you use most, consider checking the price at Costco during your next trip.

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Courtesy of Costco

Stainless Steel Rolling Workbench

Maybe you don’t have a ton of space in your garage for a full DIY workshop, which is why this cart is the perfect solution. Store all of your tools within the cabinets, and when the weekend hits you can just drag this cart into the center of your garage (or even out in the driveway) for your weekend workshops. The butcher block on top is 1-1/2 in. thick, and the drawer weight capacity is 100 pounds. Did you know you can also buy these 15 gourmet foods at Costco?

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Titan Screwdriver SetPhoto: Courtesy of Costco

Screwdriver Set

Costco sells a 70-piece screwdriver set from Titan that comes with a freestanding storage rack to help keep screwdrivers organized.

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Circular Saw

Costco sells the 24V Circular Saw from Greenworks, which features a laser line for accuracy, the ability to make up to 45-degree bevel cuts and it has a battery that’s compatible with up to 20-plus tools. Follow these pro tips to using a circular saw safely and effectively.

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Ladders come in handy for everything from roof and gutter work to organizing the garage. Costco offers a couple models, along with some accessories such as a work platform. When using a ladder alone, follow these DIY safety tips.

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Safety Gloves

Costco offers gloves for many different projects, including a two-pack of high performance mechanic gloves from Terra. Gloves should be on every DIYer’s must-have list.

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Courtesy of Costco

Storage Wall

Keeping the bigger tools in order—like shovels, leaf blowers, even mops or ladders—can be difficult in a garage or shed. Most people tend to stack them on top of each other, requiring you to dig around for that item. Use up the empty wall space in your garage with this panel set. By knowing exactly where your items are, you will save a ton of time. Plus, it will give you more space in the garage to work on your projects!

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