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10 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas To Complete Your Holiday Table

Create a beautiful holiday tablescape with these creative Thanksgiving centerpieces you can make yourself!

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Traditional Bouquet Thanksgiving CenterpieceCourtesy @parkerdrivedesign/Instagram

Traditional Bouquet

Embrace tradition for your Thanksgiving table and adorn the center with a beautiful floral arrangement and tapered candlesticks, as shown here by @parkerdrivedesign.

The oval shape of the floral centerpiece and its relatively low height ensure that it doesn’t obstruct conversation, while still making a statement. Brass candlesticks add another layer of elegance and are versatile enough to be used year-round.

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Pampas Pumpkin CenterpieceCourtesy @bloomsandboards.pnw/Instagram

Pampas Pumpkin

If you feel inspired by this autumn centerpiece by @bloomsandboards.pnw, here’s how to make your own. Cut an opening in the top of a white carvable faux pumpkin (or use a real pumpkin) to make a “vase.” Paint it white if you can’t find a white carvable pumpkin. Then fill it with pampas and other dried foliage until you get the intended effect.

This tall arrangement will make a stunning addition to your buffet setup. If you put it on the dining table, it would need to be moved aside when it’s time to eat.

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Acorns And Candles CenterpieceCourtesy @lizzydesigns/Instagram

Acorns and Candles

Instead of spending a lot on expensive flowers for your Thanksgiving table that will fade in days, take a page from @lizzydesigns_ and make this affordable DIY acorn centerpiece.

Line a wood dough bowl with a piece of styrofoam, then screw the candles into the foam to secure them. Fill the bowl with acorns (covering the foam) to complete the look. Rustic, beautiful, easy and inexpensive!

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Autumn Bud Vases CenterpieceCourtesy @partywithchloe/Instagram

Autumn Bud Vases

Let’s be honest, not everyone is skilled at flower arranging. Instead, use this idea from @partywithchloe: Place a line of bud vases in the center of your table, then fill each with a single autumn flower (in this case, orange mums). Scatter a few mini pumpkins around the vases, and you’re done! No fancy floral expertise needed. Don’t forget to add Thanksgiving name place cards to complete your holiday table.

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Wheat Stalks Vase CenterpieceCourtesy

Wheat Stalks Vase

Wheat stalks are a fall décor staple, a perfect choice for your Thanksgiving table. For this arrangement by, start with a round wood slice and add pumpkins, fall leaves and a vase. Fill the vase with a bundle of faux or preserved wheat. The unusual black fiber wheat shown here is called black beard wheat. If you’re in need of a quality table to decorate and accommodate holiday guests, a folding table is a great choice and an easy way to make sure everyone has Thanksgiving table space.

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Pallet Planter CenterpieceCourtesy @thefinishedproject/Instagram

Pallet Planter

This DIY planter by @thefinishedproject can be used all year, but we love it for filling with holiday décor. It’s a simple box made from pallet wood.

For Thanksgiving, she laid down a runner so the box doesn’t damage the table. She filled the box with greenery and white pillar candles, then flanked the ends with a few pumpkins. The low height and soft glow of the candles create a festive and cozy ambiance.

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Tray Of Gourds CenterpieceCourtesy @simpleinspirationsathome/Instagram

Tray of Gourds

A tray is a great way to corral seasonal décor items into a centerpiece. Here, @simpleinspirationsathome used her tray to display a collection of fall gourds in blue, green and gold. Bonus points for the cute matching plates!

Other fall items you could put in a centerpiece tray include pine cones, acorns, pumpkins, apples or foliage. A combination of any of these would look effortless and festive.

A cornucopia is another vessel you can fill with gourds and other natural fall items.

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Garland Table Runner CenterpieceCourtesy @sonjastankic/Instagram

Garland Table Runner

To recreate this pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece look by @sonjastankic, use branches of faux or real foliage to create a garland down the center of the table. Insert small pumpkins and colorful stems to fill in any gaps. Finish with a few candles. This highly-rated eucalyptus garland would work well as the base of your arrangement.

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Blue Ombre Pumpkins CenterpieceCourtesy Joanna Buchanan

Blue Ombre Pumpkins

Wow your dinner guests with an unexpected color theme for your tablescape.

Entertaining expert and accessories designer Joanna Buchanan says: “Put a fresh spin on the traditional Thanksgiving colors when setting your table this year. Instead of sticking with browns and oranges, try adding in some indigos and other shades of blue. This combination really pops and feels much more festive than you might expect!”

Here’s where to snag your own ombre pumpkins.

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Vintage Metal Scoop CenterpieceCourtesy Matthew Mead/@livedinstylemag/Instagram

Vintage Metal Scoop

Ki Nassauer of @livedinstylemag says this about her quick-and-easy DIY centerpiece: “Take a trip to the farmer’s market, grab some potted herbs, gourds, squash and pumpkins — arrange inside a large vintage scoop or dough bowl. Keep herbs watered and it will last for weeks!”

Looking for other ways to decorate your house for Thanksgiving? Check out these beautiful Thanksgiving tree and Thanksgiving wreath ideas. You can also grow a vibrant Thanksgiving cactus to add a splash of color indoors.

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