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10 Must-Have Items for a Picture-Perfect Backyard

You've got the backyard, but is it picture-perfect? Creating the perfect backyard can be as easy as completing a few fun weekend projects. Check out these 10 tips, and send out the backyard bash invites to motivate you to get your backyard into perfect shape!

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Barefoot Lawn

Barefoot Lawn

The perfect backyard starts with the perfect lawn that not only looks great, but you can dare to walk on barefoot.
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Inviting Pathways

Inviting Pathways

Welcome guests into your backyard by way of an inviting stone path. A designated path will keep your grass in good shape, and direct traffic to seating areas. Create a custom path in any shape and size with this brick paver tutorial.
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Lush GreeneryPhoto courtesy of Luke Miller

Lush Greenery

Trees and plants along your backyard perimeter add depth and texture to your yard, and can also work as a barrier between neighbors, offering a sense of privacy and seclusion.
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Pop of Color

Pop of Color

Don't forget to add some variation to your green landscape with pops of vibrant color. A planter is a great way to introduce flowering annuals into your backyard, and can be moved and changed out each summer. Check out these easy-to-build planters you can build yourself.
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Add Privacy

Add Privacy

Enjoy your backyard without the nuisance of a pesky neighbor by adding a little privacy. Creating a visual separation between your yard and your neighbors can make a big difference. The feel of privacy can be as simple as adding landscaping, a trellis or arbor, or as secluded as building a privacy fence or screen.
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Ample Seating

Ample Seating

Nothing lets you enjoy a picture perfect backyard like a comfortable place to sit. Be sure you have enough seating options for your family size and entertaining needs, and remember to keep your furniture properly stored in the off-season to ensure its longevity. Build your own Adirondack chairs with this weekend project.
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Max RelaxationKishano/Shutterstock

Max Relaxation

Whether it's freestanding in a frame or hung by sturdy trees, a hammock or tree swing can become that picturesque, relaxing spot to kick back and enjoy the outdoors. No perfect backyard is complete without one! If you don't currently have any trees in your yard, consider one of the 10 great trees on this list.
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Pest Control MethodDillon Naber Cruz/Shutterstock

Pest Control Method

You can't enjoy your backyard with bees, flies, mosquitoes, ants and other pests bugging you. The perfect backyard isn't complete without methods to rid these pests, like aerosol insecticide sprays, insect baits and citronella torches and candles.
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Ambient Lightingimging/Shutterstock

Ambient Lighting

Complement the sunset with a smooth transition from daylight to nighttime ambient lighting. Consider motion- or solar-powered lights or candlelight to set the mood. Be inspired by these breathtaking looks.
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Cozy Fire Pit

Cozy Fire Pit

End the evening in your perfect backyard gathered around the fire. Build this circular masonry fire pit for not much more than the cost of a flimsy store-bought fire ring. Just don't forget the s'mores supplies!