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10 Most Outrageous Dog Beds

From a vintage camper to a luxe cabana, these dog beds are far from ordinary.

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Retro CamperTrailer Bed

This adorable miniature travel trailer features a cozy bed for your pup. Inspired by vintage trailers of the 1940s and ’50s, this outrageous bed comes with a personalized license plate, stainless steel cups and a battery-operated LED light inside. If you’re a pet lover, this collection of 40 projects and tips is for you!

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“Furrari” Dog Bed

You may never dish out the dough for an actual Ferrari, but at least you can give your pup one! Give your pooch the car ride of their dreams with this comfy bed.

If you’ve been wondering, “Why does my dog follow me into the bathroom?” we’ve got answers.

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Modern Black Tufted Bed

If this outrageous dog bed doesn’t scream “puppy bachelor pad” we don’t what does! Made with a rich, durable black automotive vinyl, the bed comes with a fully upholster frame making for easy clean up. Here’s the lowdown on what it really costs to own a dog—and tangible ways to save a little kibble.

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Slipper Dog Bed

It’s no secret—dogs love a good slipper. So, whether your pup like to chew them or hide them, this slipper dog bed is sure to please. Check out these really cool pet products you can buy on Amazon!

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Lace Tepee Dog Bed

When a standard dog bed just won’t do, consider this easily portable tepee option. It adds a touch of boho to your space, and the breathable lace fabric makes it comfy even in summer. And, when company comes over, you can even use it to hide your dog’s toys out of sight. Is your dog kicking up your lawn? Here’s why.

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Royal Dog Bed

This is certainly one of the most outrageous beds on the list! Finished in gorgeous royal sienna (dark reddish-brown), this dog bed screams luxury. It’s embellished with brass-accented wooden posts and a majestic brass-plated crown with Swarovski crystals. And, plush removable cushions give your furry friend a comfortable place to dream. Here are 14 DIY dog beds you can easily build yourself.

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Tufted Velvet Dog “Couch”

Sure, anything past a typical dog bed could be considered over the top, but there are no limits when you love your pup! Add a touch of glamour to your space with this luxurious dog bed. It’ll give your pooch their very own “couch” to lay on! If your dog is always begging to join you in the pool, why not make them a DIY pool floatie?

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Mid-Century Modern Dog Haus

This all-in-one dog house and bed is truly extravagant! When nothing but the best is good enough for your dog, this is where they ought to sleep! Your dog will be spotless after a stop at this dog-washing station.

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Cabana Dog Abode

Your pooch wants to feel exclusive too! Put this outrageous dog bed in your backyard during barbecues and your furry friend can relax in style in their VIP digs. Check out these 8 genius ways to pick up dog poop.

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Bunk Beds for Doggy Sleepovers

These classy bunk beds hold up to 30 pounds per bed and require only minimal assembly. Save space by bunking your pets’ beds or let your best friend have their best friend sleep over in the top bunk! Take a look at this magical potty-training dog spray.

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