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13 Incredible Self Propelled Lawn Mower Options

Self-propelled lawn mowers are ideal for steep slopes, large lawns and other mowing situations where having a little extra kick is just what you need. Today's self-propelled mowers come with loads of options, from automatic speed adjustments to full four-wheel drive traction. Here are some great choices.

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Craftsman 12A-B2AQ799

Equipped with a Honda engine, this Craftsman self propelled lawn mower model includes variable speed, handle height adjustment and overhead valve engine for smooth operation. And notice the plastic components of this self propelled mower, which make the mower lightweight, speedier and easier for large mowing projects
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Honda HRX21K5VKA

Using Honda's select drive technology, this self propelled lawn mower includes a center dial to control speed up to 4 mph. This lightweight lawn mower also has different settings for mulching, bagging, discharge and shredding leaves. And the MicroCut blades are particularly well-suited for leaves and mulching. The five-year warranty is nice, too, in case something goes wrong. Have you ever considered a robot lawn mower? You should!
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Toro 20333

Toro's advanced self propelled lawn mowers have some particularly interesting tricks. It uses a "personal pace" system that senses how much you are pushing the mower, and then adjusts the speed for your lawn project. Also, you can temporarily step away from the lightweight lawn mower without having to restart it.
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Snapper P2185020

If you almost always bag your grass or mowed leaves, then this Snapper self propelled lawn mower model may be for you. It comes with a boosted bagging system with vacuum-like suction, features that make removing the bag much easier. And has a rear-wheel drive system with 10-inch rear wheels for extra traction and control.
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PoulanPro PR675AWD

These sturdy self propelled lawn mowers features full four-wheel drive for those truly steep slopes and large lawns where pushing isn't really an option. In addition to all that power (which comes with variable speed control), this mower comes with a multi-function deck and a no-prime start system for easier management. And the tires are especially sturdy for tough terrain.
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Husqvarna HU700F

One of Husqvarna's best-selling models, this variable-speed mower comes with massive 12-in. rear wheels for power. And has a particularly comfortable control system with padded grips that are much easier on your hands when taking care of massive mowing projects. Buy it now on Amazon.
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Lawn-Boy 17732

This Lawn-Boy self propelled lawn mower is a more affordable option with a strong 3-year warranty. And it includes extras like rear-wheel drive. But note that there are only two height adjustment options for high and low cuts. This mower also comes in electric start and push models if you decide that the self-propelled option isn't for you. Buy it now on Amazon.
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Toro 20199

Are you annoyed by push mower decks that are too narrow at around 20 in. wide? This Toro model may be just what you are looking for, with a large 30-in. mowing deck. And the self propelled lawn mower system is also top-notch, with traction-assist mode and auto-speed changes based on your walking pace and mowing goals.
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Snapper 7800980

This Snapper self propelled lawn mower model focuses on durability and high performance in tough conditions, like especially thick grass or other demanding conditions. And the transmission system delivers a lot of power with rear-wheel drive. Also, the control system is particularly easy to use when starting up (it even includes a cup holder!). Buy it now on Amazon.
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Husqvarna HU800AWDH

Husqvarna offers this particularly durable mower, with tough steel components. And a powerful Honda engine that offers all-wheel drive, 3-in-1 cutting for bagging, mulching and side discharge, as well as a bumper that you can use as a grass rake. There's even a water hose connector for easier cleaning when you are finished mowing. Buy it now on Amazon.
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Don't forget electric mowersFamily Handyman

Don't forget electric mowers

If you don't have a huge lawn, a battery-powered mower may be perfect. Cordless mowers are quieter, require less maintenance, and of course, run without gas or oil. But best of all, you'll never have to start a gas engine—you just push a button or lever and you're mowing.

As lithium-ion battery technology has improved, most manufacturers have included cordless mowers in their lineup, so you'll have plenty of choices. Many of these mowers can cut an average suburban yard (about one-fifth of an acre) on a single charge. Prices for battery-powered mowers are similar to those of their gas-powered rivals, and you'll find most of the same features, too.

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Match the drive system to your terrain and yard sizeFamily Handyman

Match the drive system to your terrain and yard size

If your lawn is relatively flat and not huge, chances are you'll be perfectly happy with a push mower—that is, a mower that's not self-propelled. In addition to being cheaper, mowers without power to the wheels are lighter, have fewer mechanical parts to wear out, and are usually easier to maneuver.

If you have hills or a large yard, a self-propelled mower is a better choice. Front wheel drive mowers pull the mower along but may lose traction on hills, where you tend to push down on the handle. And if you bag your grass, the weight of the bag will reduce the traction on the front wheels, making the drive wheels less effective. In most cases, rear- wheel drive is the best option since it works great on hills and with a bag. All-wheel drive is needed only for severely sloping terrain.

If you buy a self-propelled mower, consider upgrading to variable speed for more flexibility in matching your mowing speed to the lawn conditions and your walking speed.

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Spending more up front when you buy lawn mower may save you in the long runFamily Handyman

Spending more up front when you buy lawn mower may save you in the long run

Residential, walk-behind lawn mowers range in price from less than $200 to well over $600. And you may be wondering if it's worth spending top dollar on a mower. In addition to the extra features available on more expensive mowers, high-end mowers have better-quality components. You'll find easy-rolling ball bearing wheels, long-lasting composite or aluminum decks, and top-quality engines. And most high-end mowers include a longer warranty, too. This adds up to a mower that will last longer and need fewer repairs. So you may save money when you buy lawn mower by not having to replace or repair your old mower.