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10 Boredom-Busting Ideas Your Kids Will Love This Winter

As the winter months drag on, it can be difficult to keep the kids busy and engaged. If you're tired of hearing "I'm bored," or "There's nothing to do," here are 10 boredom-busting ideas your kids will love.

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polar bear pawMichael_Dodd/Getty Images

Create Blubber Gloves

If your kids are animal lovers, National Geographic Kids offers an experiment to help children learn about how polar animals can thrive in cold climates. You’ll need some basic supplies (listed on the website) and the project will run through tests to see which materials are best at keeping hands from getting cold.

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Go Bowling at Home

For an easy game of bowling at home, set up water bottles as pins and use a tennis ball to knock them down. If you have the space and don’t want to worry about the walls or furniture getting scuffed, this inflatable bowling set with jumbo pins is sure to offer hours of fun. And if the kids need some fresh air, here are 10 excellent outdoor winter toys.

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snow ice cream belchonock/Getty Image

Make Snow Ice Cream

Send the kids out to gather some clean, fresh snow to make a tasty treat. Google-search “snow ice cream” and you’ll get plenty of recipes. Basically, you need 1/2 gallon of snow, 1/2 cup of white sugar, 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract and 1 cup of milk. Combine the ingredients and you’ll have snow ice cream. Once you master the basic recipe, try making other favorite flavors by adding fruit or candy.

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toastSasaJo/Getty Images

Make Edible Art

Give the kids a creative art project they can eat! First, make some “paint” by combining condensed milk and food coloring. Make as many different colors as you’d like. Next, gather a few slices of bread, white works best, to use as the blank canvases. Using new/clean paint brushes, turn the bread slices into works of art with the paint. You can find the full set of directions on Learning Play Imagine.

Another idea is to take an old canvas and repaint it to make a new piece of art.

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frozen bubble Oksana_Schmidt/Getty Images

Make Frozen Bubbles

If the temperature is at or below freezing, send the kids out outside to make frozen bubbles. Try blowing bubbles high up in the air so they will have plenty of time to freeze and watch as various patterns form inside the bubbles. AccuWeather has a page dedicated to explaining the science behind how bubbles freeze.

Frozen bubbles are beautiful. Frozen pipes are not. Here’s how to prevent your pipes from freezing.

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child and bird feeder romrodinka/Getty Images

Feed the Birds

Bring the wildlife to your yard by making a simple bird feeder. Have the kids collect pine cones from outside and spread honey or peanut butter on the outside of each one, then cover in bird seed. Hang these bird feeder cones outside and see how many different kinds of birds stop by to feast. Not sure what kind of bird feeder to make? Here are 14 styles to consider.

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build a computervia

Build a Computer

Have the kids take a break from playing on their computers and tablets so they can learn how to build a computer! The Kano Computer Kit comes with a step-by-step book and all the elements required to build a real computer. Kids will learn to code and make games, art and music. The kit is for kids ages six and up and no technical knowledge is required. Encourage kids to keep their computer’s screen and keyboard clean with these great tips.

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Create Snow Art

Fill some spray bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring for a mix of colors or purchase a snow coloring kit. Send the kids outside to make snow art by “painting” on fresh snow. It will keep them busy and it doesn’t require much cleanup!

After the snow art melts away, see if you find anything like these 10 weird things people found after the snow melted.

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Start Seeds gardeningSunKids/Shutterstock

Get Started on the Garden

Just because the weather is cold, that doesn’t mean you can’t start your garden. Have your kids pick out a few plants they want to grow this year and start some seeds inside. That way, they’ll be ready to plant once spring comes. Try rainbow carrots or beets in various colors. Have kids try growing herbs such as mint, basil and thyme that they can later enjoy in tea, water or lemonade.

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Write a Comic Book

Fun for all ages, let your kids show off their creativity and humor by making their own comic book. This blank comic book has 130 pages, plenty of space for kids to draw their own cartoons and write stories.

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