11 Adorable Pictures of Dogs Dressed for Work

These pictures of dogs take the fun of DIYing to a whole new level!

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dogs work
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White Collar

“The budget for chew toys has to be cut by 30 percent by the end of the fiscal year. Ideas, anyone?”

Always speak up when you have a good idea at work, but think twice about blurting things out when you’re in the middle of a home improvement project. Here are 21 things you should never say while DIYing.

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Chainsaw Hound

Good thing this pup remembered to put on his safety glasses and leather gloves! Here’s our helpful guide to chainsaw safety.

Photo: Tweets from my dog @dogtexting

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Chillin’ & Grillin’

Who loves a good backyard barbecue more than a dog? Let the drool games begin over an open flame this summer with some meat prepared by this little one.

A little nap post barbecuing is exactly what the doctor ordered, so be sure you’ve made a doghouse for your canine companion. These dog houses are major inspiration!

Photo: Courtesy of Fairway Market

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Chef Boy-ar-Dog

This Shih Tzu is ready to make you a healthy lunch. The slobber garnish is no extra charge!

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Guitar Hero

Your tiki party could use a little backyard entertainment, like some appropriate ukulele tunes. This pup is for hire!

Speaking of entertainment, here are 10 high-tech gadgets you and your pet will love.

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Dog the Builder

Make the most out of home renovations by hiring this dashing dachshund to get the job done!

Take a minute after looking at these cute dog pictures to check out these 40 perfect pet projects that will show your furry friends some serious love.

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Lend Me a Paw

Did you say you needed an extra set of paws? Great! This pup has his tool belt and hard hat ready to go. Your dog is bound to get tired from all that hard work, so be sure to make them one of these 14 adorable DIY dog beds!

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Canine Concrete

Those dark glasses must be keeping him from noticing that this concrete slab is already dry.

Check out this guide to pouring a perfect concrete slab every time.

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Road Construction

After a long day on the job, this guy fell asleep before he had time to change into his jammies.

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Family Handyman

Canine Carpenters

As these dog pictures prove, these canine carpenters are taking matters into their own hands, showing you how doghouse making is really done!

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All Work and No Play

After a hard day of work, this pup just wants to hang out at the park.

After running around all day, is your pup too tired to jump up on the bed? Help her out by building this clever collapsible dog ramp.

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