Make Your Own Tiered Plant Stand

Build this handsome, durable plant stand in one morning.

Overview and assembly

If you’re as hungry for spring as we are, maybe this simple plant stand will help. You build it from boards that are cut into just two lengths, stacked into squares and nailed together. You’ll only need seven 8-ft. long 1x2s, exterior wood glue and a few dozen galvanized 4d finish nails. We used cedar for its looks and its longevity outside, but any wood will do. Cut the 1x2s into sixteen 20-in. pieces and twenty-seven 10-3/4 in. pieces.

Don’t fret over the assembly; it’s really very simple. Just follow the photos for the proper positioning of the two lengths and the number of layers. Adjust the gap spacing with scrap 1x2s, and make sure everything is square as you stack up each layer. When it looks good, nail the pieces together using one nail and a dab of glue at every intersection. Keep the nails 3/4 in. away from the ends of the boards to prevent splitting. When your plant stand is complete, sand all the outside edges and apply an exterior stain or preservative. Then start moving in the blooms.

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