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12 Tacky Lawn Ornaments You Need to See

These ornaments are tacky still, not yet kitsch, so stay away from them.

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Little Old Lady Gardening

It seems like the woman bent over in the garden has been around since the beginning of time and maybe it’s time to stop trotting her out every summer. If it got a laugh the first time you put it out, it probably hasn’t since. Save your money the next time you’re at the home center so you can pick up other unusual items you didn’t know you could find there, like creepy tree people.

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

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plastic tacky lawn ornamentsBits and Pieces

Stand Up Straight

So what would happen if we took the little old lady bending over in the garden idea and used it with a garden gnome? Gold, right? Well, this guy pushes the envelope of taste and tackiness. Put this plastic tacky lawn ornaments guy away after storing your garden tools or know how to get rid of him at a garage sale.

Photo: Courtesy of Bits and Pieces

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Use Your Head

An Easter Island head in your backyard will not make for an exotic look. It will, however, lead to confused looks, wondering why it’s there. Use your head in the garden and commit to memory these 10 important ways to save money in the garden.

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plastic tacky lawn ornamentsDesign Toscano


Even if you love dinosaurs, the garden is not the place for one. T-Rex here is going to tower over your plants and anytime you have people over it’ll be the first thing to draw their attention, thus taking away from the hard work you put into specifically organizing your garden. But if you fall on the kitsch and cutesy side of things, you’ll enjoy these 15 magical fairy gardens.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Toscano

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Pink Flamingos plastic tacky lawn ornamentsKen Hurst/Shutterstock

Classic Pink Flamingos

You either love them or you hate them. One or two pink flamingos in a yard is kitchy. An entire flock is disconcerting!

If you prefer songbirds to flamingos, here are 16 birdhouse ideas you’ll love.

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Smile Please!

Digging Dog

This little doggie backside will surely cause a few double-takes! You could even throw a little loose dirt behind him to add to the illusion.

If your lawn has dead patches due to your dog doing its business out there, take a look at our guide to bringing those patches back to life.

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Design Toscano


Imagine looking out your window and seeing this fella stomping all over your perfect backyard.

Build a lovely DIY brick path, so Bigfoot won’t ruin your lawn.

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Design Toscano

Spitting Koi

This mini water feature looks cute and provides that gentle sound of bubbling water.

This fish statue would be the perfect addition to your DIY backyard pond and waterfall. Yes, you can build it yourself!

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Garden Gnomes plastic tacky lawn ornamentstefano Ember/Shutterstock

Garden Gnomes

No round-up of plastic tacky lawn ornaments is complete without making mention of the ubiquitous garden gnome. Garden gnomes come in all shapes and sizes, but everyone knows that no self-respecting gnome would live in a fairy garden. Or would they? Check out these 15 clever fairy gardens to see for yourself.

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Meerkats plastic tacky lawn ornamentsSomyote Tiraphon/Shutterstock


Meerkats are adorable. But do you really want a mob (yes – that’s really the word for a group of meerkats) taking up residence in your garden?

If you’re battling an invasion of squirrels, rabbits or deer in your garden, check out our handy hints for discouraging them and keeping them in the wild where they belong.

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Unicorn plastic tacky lawn ornamentsBig Bargain Store


Wouldn’t your kids or grandkids be delighted to find a unicorn dozing on your deck or patio? We can safely say, you’d be the only house on the block with one of these!

Want to get those kids interested in DIY? Here are 12 perfect projects to get them started.

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Harmony Fountains

Cascading Water Fountain

A water feature can be a focal point in the garden and the sound of moving water is relaxing. These free-standing fountains with an electrical cord coming out the back are not everyone’s cup of tea, however.

If you’d like a natural-looking waterfall in your yard, check out this complete guide to building your own backyard waterfall in less than a day.