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12 Sandboxes Worth Sticking Your Toes In To

Playing in sand is fun for kids and adults. With that in mind, unless you live on the beach, you have to find a way to bring the sand to you. We've gathered a dozen ideas for you to dig in to!

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rooftop sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Laura Morton Design

Rooftop Sandbox

This sandbox is atop an Asian-inspired home in Venice Beach, California. An uninspired area of the home "became magical with a fenced-in virtual Venice Beach playground for the kids, featuring a large, deep sandbox and potted palms." ~ Laura Morton

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Cedar Hexagon SandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Home Dept

Cedar Hexagon

For less than $100 you get the precut wood, hardware, liner and top cover for this classic sandbox. It takes practical no time to set it up and kids will enjoy it for hours and hours.

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natural looking sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Home Depot

Natural-Looking Sandbox

This unobtrusive sandbox comes fully assembled and blends right in with its surroundings. The lid keeps out rain, debris and cats so the sand is fresh and clean for every play date!

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cabana sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Lowes

Cabana Sandbox

If you don't want your kids sitting out in the sun all day while they play, this Lowe's sandbox is for you. Kids are protected on three sides and overhead. Two rollup windows provide ventilation and three storage bins are included.

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crab sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Crabby Sandbox

How cute is this? You never have to worry about splinters and it has lots of great reviews.

This sandbox makes a great gift, as do any of these 12 gift ideas for kids who like DIY.

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kinetic sand sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Sharper Image

Indoor Sandbox

No place for an outdoor sandbox? Your kids can still have fun playing with sand with this Living Sands set. This sand is moldable, sticks to itself and never dries out. It is similar to kinetic sand, which means it is actually fun for all ages!

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life size zen garden sandboxT photography/Shutterstock

Zen Garden Sand

In the 6th century, Zen Buddhist monks created the first zen gardens to aid meditation. Today, those who like carefully controlled settings with raked sand or rocks and precisely clipped shrubs find zen gardens appealing. You can even purchase special sand for zen gardens.

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sandbox with tentPhoto: Courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker

Tent Sandbox

This is the epitome of simple DIY. A simple wood-frame sandbox with two stakes and fabric that create a tent! Kids can pretend they're camping or hang out inside like it's a clubhouse.

Complete how-to-build instructions can be found here.

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Playhouse sandbox swingsetPhoto: Courtesy of Kitcraft

Queenslander Cubby House

This ultimate playhouse-sandbox combination comes from Australia. You might have a hard time getting kids to come indoors at night with this in the backyard!

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private beach pool sandPhoto: Courtesy of Lucas Lagoons

Private Beach

For a truly luxe sand experience, this lagoon pool comes with its own sandy beach. Check out more enticing pictures, here.

This is not a DIY project, but you can build your own stream and waterfall. Here's how.

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demolition derby extreme sandboxPhoto: Courtesy of Extreme Sandbox

Extreme Sandbox

If you've always wanted to operate full-size diggers and dumpers like the toy ones you had as a kid, Extreme Sandbox is for you! Extreme Sandbox is a family owned and operated business, that gives people the opportunity to "play" with construction equipment in a controlled environment. Corporate and social groups go for bonding and fun. In 2016, Extreme Sandbox was on Shark Tank and their business continues to grow. Learn more about Extreme Sandbox, here.

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backyard putting green golf course sand trapPhoto: Courtesy of Deluxe Athletics

Sand Trap

Does the sand trap on this backyard putting green count as a sandbox? Probably not because sandboxes are fun and most people don't have fun if they're in a sand trap.

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