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12 Backyard Swings Everyone Will Enjoy

Whether you use it for relaxation or for fun, many memories can be made around a backyard swing. If you're looking to build your swing or purchase one, here are 12 options to consider.

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Chair Backyard Swing BohoWichitS/Shutterstock

Chair Swing

A hanging chair swing on a shaded back patio will make for a relaxing afternoon. If you need to add some shade to your space, try a pergola.

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Sofa SwingP A/Shutterstock

Sofa Swing

Backyard swings come in a variety of different styles, such as these wooden porch sofa swings. Here are 10 pretty porch swings that may inspire you to build your own.

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Traditional Wooden SwingEvgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock

Traditional Wooden Swing

If you have a strong and sturdy piece of scrap wood, try making your own wooden backyard swings. This design would also work when hung from a backyard swing set.

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platform swingPhoto: Courtesy of Best Choice Products

Platform Swing

Your family will get hours of entertainment out of this platform swing from Best Choice Products. The 40-inch by 30-inch platform is weather resistant and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

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Tire SwingMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock
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standing swingPhoto: Courtesy of Kotula's

Standing Surfboard Swing

Surf's up! This Swurfer Standing Surfboard-Style tree swing has a curved design that mimics surfing and will propel swingers through the air—no beach required. This surfboard swing is made for those 6 and older.

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hand swingLapina/Shutterstock

Hand Swing

If you're lucky enough to have a large tree next to a pond or lake, try a hand swing. Attach a strong stick that you're able to grip to the end of a rope and use the swing to propel over the water and then jump in! Make sure you know these five knots before you make a hand swing.

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Double SwingMNStudio/Shutterstock

Double Swing

This backyard swing is double the fun. Use some wood to make a wide seat for a swing, attach some rope and hang it from a strong tree branch. Prune any other branches that may be in the way.

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Porch Swing Family Handyman

Porch Swing

Try building your own porch swing. This weekend project will cost you several hundred dollars, depending on the materials you use. When you're finished, you'll have a lovely place to enjoy the summer breeze.

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Rope SwingSabphoto/Shutterstock

Rope Swing

You don't need much for a backyard swing. A thick, heavy rope with some large knots on the end can entertain kids of all ages for hours. If you're looking for even more backyard fun, here are 12 awesome DIY play sets for kids of all ages.

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Disc SwingPeter Turner Photography/Shutterstock

Disc Swing

Here's a variation of the traditional backyard swing which uses a wooden disc for the seat. Be sure to sand the wooden well so no one gets splinters.

Before you start, check out our 41 genius sanding tips you need to know.