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Making sure you know everything there is to know about the electrical, heating and cooling systems in your home.

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    In-Wall Surge Protectors and Surge Suppression Receptacles

    Protect new appliances from voltage spikes

    How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

    You probably already know how to reset a circuit breaker, but what about your kids or baby-sitter? Use this tutorial...

    Water Softener Installation: How and When to Rebuild

    Water softener installation and repair is easier than it looks

    Illuminate Your Deck With Low-Voltage Light Fixtures

    Stay up late: Enjoy your deck well into the evening hours

    Remote Control Devices for Electrical Outlets and Appliances

    Control all your appliances and lights with a central Z-wave remote control device.

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    Choosing Furnace Filters

    How to choose the best filter for your furnace

    Home Audio Installation: Install a Whole-House Audio System

    Run wire and install speakers and distribution modules so that you can control music by remote control throughout the house.

    How to Repair or Replace Defective Water Heater Dip Tubes

    Check your water heater in case you have a defective dip tube.

    How to Wire a Garage (Unfinished)

    How to add outlets and lights to an unfinished garage.

    Do Your Own Furnace Maintenance This Winter

    Here are 8 things to check before you call a pro to repair your furnace, plus some tips for warming...

    How to Save on Heating Costs in an Apartment

    Is your apartment uncomfortably cold in the winter? Here's how to warm it up without increasing your energy bill.

    5 Ways to Hide That Big Air Conditioner in Your Yard

    Don't sweat that boxy A/C unit. Here's how to put it out of sight and out of mind.

    How to Prevent Clogged Drains

    Drains always seem to clog at the worst possible time, like when you have a houseful of overnight guests or...

    PVC Pipe vs. ABS Pipe: How do you Choose?

    Ask a bunch of plumbers which is better and you probably wont get an answer, just an argument.

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    How To Keep Pipes From Freezing At Your Cabin

    Frozen pipes at a vacant summer cabin are a catastrophe in the making. To avert disaster, take some precautions before...

    We Tried It: Kasa Smart Light Switches

    Looking to add smart home functionality without breaking the bank? The Kasa Smart Switch is a brilliant solution.

    One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilet: What’s The Difference?

    Before you buy your next toilet, read this and see which option is best for your bathroom.