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How to Use Pocket Change to Determine Wire Sizes

If you’re adding an outlet, you need to use wire the same gauge as the existing wiring. How do you tell what size your old wiring is?

9 Things Electricians Wish You Knew About Batteries

We interviewed electrical engineer Maynard Guadiz to find out what we should really know about batteries and how to use...

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket

The Family Handyman Senior Editor, Gary Wentz, will show you how to remove an old light and install a ceiling...

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How to Connect Wires to Terminal Screws

Whether running wire to a switch or an outlet, you need to know the proper way to connect wires to...

Troubleshooting: How to Fix a Light

Have a broken light but don't know why it doesn't work? Get to the bottom of it! Follow these tips...

Electrical Boxes: How to Add Capacity

Two ways to solve this common remodeling problem

Test Batteries With a Multitester

Find out fast if a household battery is still good

Control Garage Electrical Devices Remotely

Control appliances and lights from anywhere in the house

Bad TV Reception? Here’s One Fix

New coax connections can make a big difference

In-Wall Surge Protectors and Surge Suppression Receptacles

Protect new appliances from voltage spikes

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

You probably already know how to reset a circuit breaker, but what about your kids or baby-sitter? Use this tutorial...

Remote Control Devices for Electrical Outlets and Appliances

Control all your appliances and lights with a central Z-wave remote control device.