Don’t get stuck out in the cold! Here’s the information you need to install and repair your furnace.

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Furnaces

Along with the water heater, the furnace is your most important home appliance. Here's a guide to understanding yours and giving it the TLC it needs.

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3 Eco-Friendly Heating Systems for Your Home in 2024

Whether you're replacing your HVAC system or adding more heat in your spare room, here's how to make it ultra...

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New HVAC System Cost: How Much Is It?

A new HVAC system is not a trivial investment. We asked an HVAC pro to fill us in on likely...

What Is Forced Air Heating?

If you have a thermostat and vents through which warm air blows, you have a forced air heating system. It's...

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Understanding the Different Parts of a Furnace

Your furnace's job is keeping you warm. Get to know the parts of a furnace so it will do that...

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What Does a Furnace Pressure Switch Do?

Get to know this hard-working safety switch in your gas-powered furnace.

What Is a Furnace Inducer Motor and Why Is It Important?

The inducer motor is a necessary component of modern, gas-powered, high-efficiency furnaces. If it's not working, the furnace won't start.

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What Is a Furnace Heat Exchanger and Why Is It Important?

A furnace heat exchanger keeps dangerous gases out of the air circulating in the building. It's a must-have on any...

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Boilers vs. Furnaces: What’s the Difference?

Boilers and furnaces use fuel or electricity to heat a building, but they work differently. Here's what you need to...

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How Much Will It Cost to Replace a Furnace Blower Motor?

Keep your HVAC system running efficiently with our expert insights on furnace blower motor replacements costs.

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Don't panic! Learn what might be causing this troubling issue, what you can do about it and when to call...

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Why Did My Furnace Pilot Light Go Out and How Do I Relight It?

Learn all about your furnace pilot light — where it is, what it does, and how to troubleshoot the most...

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How To Change a Dirty Furnace Filter

Changing a furnace filter regularly will improve your heating in the winter and your air conditioning in the summer.

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What Is a Furnace Tune-Up?

Some HVAC pros prefer to call it routine maintenance. Whatever you call a tune-up, it keeps your furnace in top...

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5 Types of Furnaces

Here's the lowdown on the most common types of furnaces found in U.S. homes, and how to identify them.

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How Upgrading Your Furnace Saves You Money on Your Power Bill

Upgrading your furnace can boost efficiency and cut utility costs. But you don't need to update the entire thing! Here...

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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Is your furnace blowing cold air? Here are some troubleshooting tips and simple DIY repairs for the most common causes...

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How To Clean a Furnace Ignitor

Have a gas furnace that won't light? Carbon deposits on the ignitor could be why. Learn how to clean a...

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8 Simple Fixes if Your Heater Is Not Working

If you suspect furnace problems, try these eight furnace fixes you can do yourself before calling a pro.

How To Buy a Heat Pump in 2024

New energy incentives make this a great time to install or upgrade a heat pump.

How To Choose Between a Heat Pump vs. a Furnace

Federal incentives and state regulations weigh heavily in favor of heat pumps these days, but a heat pump may not...

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What to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

What does an air duct cleaning entail? A professional discusses what to expect with this process.

5 Best Furnace Brands of 2024, According to a Former Residential Remodeler

Shopping for a furnace? Let us help you narrow the field with an overview of the best furnace brands for...

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Top-Rated Furnace Filters for Allergies, Dust, Pet Owners & More

Safeguard your family's health and protect your furnace by choosing the right furnace filter. You'll breathe easier, and so will...

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This Is What That Furnace Switch Is For

You know that switch on or near your furnace? We'll tell you what it's for (hint: it's power-related) and how...

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Boost Your Furnace Output With This Simple Trick

If you have a room that’s always a little colder in the winter or warmer in the summer, try this...

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This Simple Trick Can Refresh Your Entire Home

Sprays, hanging products, plug-ins, devices masked as home décor — there are hundreds of products geared toward freshening your home....

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What You Need to Know About Underground Oil Tanks

Underground oil tanks are hidden hazards that could end up costing a homeowner big-time. The more you know up front,...

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28 Odd But Useful Tips All DIYers Need to Know

Here are 28 clever solutions from our readers and the DIY experts at The Family Handyman.

How to Adjust a Mechanical Thermostat

Fine-tuning tips for better furnace performance.

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What to Know About Electric Baseboard Heaters

Want to upgrade your noisy, under-powered electric heater? Discover what electric baseboard heaters have to offer, and whether they're right...