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      9 Ideas for a Textured Accent Wall

      An accent wall is a great way to update a room, whether it's used in the living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom. Go beyond just a coat of paint and explore these 10 ideas for a one-of-a-kind look.

      22 Kitchen and Bath Trends on the Way Out

      You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and bathrooms, so keep them up to date. To do that,...

      13 Stunning Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

      For the better part of the last decade, homeowners, decorators and builders alike have transformed kitchens with the popular Tuscan...

      5 Best Window Fans of 2021

      Beat the heat with one of these great window fans!

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      Why Old Homes Have a Tiny Iron Door Leading to the Basement

      Today it serves merely as decoration, but long ago this door leading to the basement served an important purpose.

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      Small Garage Storage Ideas You Can DIY

      Organizing a garage isn't a one-size-fits-all project, so we've compiled some of our best garage storage ideas. Check out these...

      How to Insulate a Garage Door

      If you have an attached garage with an uninsulated garage door, it's costing you money in both winter and summer.

      Convenient Plywood Cutting Station

      Sawhorses can be modeled out a lot of things, check out this great solution for a plywood cutting station.

      9 Ways to Dry Clothes Without a Dryer

      Whether your dryer is kaput or you're looking for ways to save energy, drying clothes without a dryer isn't as...

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      Best Porch Swings for 2021

      There's no better place to relax on a beautiful day than on a cozy porch swing.

      45 Kitchen Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

      Your kitchen will never function better if you avoid these common mistakes.

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      Outdoor Kitchen Kits: 10 Best Picks to Consider

      Outdoor kitchens are a backyard bonus. And outdoor kitchen kits make it easy to customize your design and respect your...

      15 Office Storage Ideas to Help Productivity

      Whether you work from home or just need a place for the kids to study, we've got 15 of the...

      The Most Underrated Groceries on Amazon, According to Customers

      With basically perfect reviews, you’ll want to add these items to your cart right now.

      18 Kitchen Gadgets Pro Cooks Actually Use at Home (Psst, Most Are $20 or Less!)

      Do professional cooks really use the fanciest gadgets in their own homes? A poll of our Test Kitchen staff reveals...

      15 Office Organization Ideas and Tips

      Designate a space in your home for an office and try these organizational ideas to keep the clutter low and...

      10 Cooking Tools You Can Get Cheap at the Hardware Store

      Find better quality cooking and entertaining items at the hardware store. Eschew the froufrou!

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      The 50 Best Storage Containers to Get Your House in Order

      Cut clutter in your home once and for all! We’ve compiled a list of the best storage containers for those...

      25 Handy Hints for the Home Cook

      These why-didn't-I-think-of-that hacks will help you save time, get organized and work more efficiently in your kitchen.

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      DIY Kitchen Project: Off-the-Counter Produce Storage

      This wall-mounted produce storage project also serves as a reminder to your family to eat fresh, healthy meals and snacks.

      10 Different (But Cool) Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

      Take your kitchen cabinet doors from drab to fab with these out-of-the-box options.

      41 Genius Small Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

      Want some seriously brilliant kitchen organization ideas to maximize space & efficiency? Here are 41 kitchen organization hacks that'll make...

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      How to Make a DIY Spice Rack

      The Family Handyman editor, Elisa Bernick shows you a new use for a curtain rod.

      Which Exterior Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House?

      Not all exterior renovation projects are created equal. These are the ones that add the most value at resale.

      18 Cheap Kitchen Updates That Look Expensive

      Make your kitchen look like a million bucks—or at least more expensive than what you really paid for these updates....

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      If You See White Flakes in Your Tap Water, This Is What It Means

      If you see white flakes swirling around in your drinking water, don't panic. There's a simple explanation.

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      This Toilet Paper Trick Can Refresh Your Entire Bathroom

      The key to having a fresh-smelling bathroom might lie in the toilet paper, not the toilet itself.