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Rooms of the Home

Make every room of your home reflect your personal style and aesthetic preference with all the best ideas, designs and common repairs.

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How to Build a DIY Nightstand

Learn how to build your own custom nightstand using minimal tools and moderate woodworking skills.

How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom

Turn unused bathroom space into a hidden yet functional cabinet. 

No-Gimmick Fence Clamps

You may think this woodworking gadget is a gimmick at first glance, but it works!

28 Secret Clamping Tricks from Woodworkers

Clamps are a woodworker's best friend, and there are endless ways to use them in the workshop. Here are 28...

Clamp Extenders

Build some clever plywood clamp extenders to use when bar clamps are too short to do the job. It beats...

Home-Made Miter Clamps

Don’t spend money on store-bought miter clamps—make your own! All you have to do is cut a couple 8-in. x...

On-Board Hold-Down Clamp

This easy-to-build hold-down clamp adds great clamping versatility to any workbench and is quick to install.

Unclamping with a Pipe Clamp

Convert a pipe clamp—the type with a sliding crank handle—into a handy aid for disassembling old furniture.