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Should You Switch to a Fabric Shower Liner?

A 2008 study found vinyl plastic shower liners contained VOCs and since that time people and retailers have moved to fabric shower curtain liners. Should you use a fabric shower curtain liner?

Reader Project: Kitchen Remodel, One Nail at a Time

Solving the obstacles one by one, we transformed the 1960’s kitchen into my dream kitchen...from the luxury laminate vinyl floor planks,...

Fluorescent Bulb Storage

Safely store extra fluorescent bulbs in jumbo-sized vinyl-clad storage hooks in a handy location near your fixture in the shop,...

Hardware Cloth Tool Roost

Store just about every hand tool you need on a strip of vinyl-coated 1/2-in. wire mesh hardware cloth. Make a...

Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Work Surface

I use peel-and-stick vinyl tiles on all of the work surfaces in my home shop, especially cutting areas. The smooth...

How to Tile: Prepare Concrete for Tile

Turnaround tips for an old basement floor