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House and Components

A house is much more than just a collection of rooms. Here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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      Setting Up a DIY Home Security System

      Install a reliable security system in just one day. DIY home security systems will help to protect your home and your family.

      How to Insulate a House

      Do it right to save $$, stay warm

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      How to Upgrade and Replace Lightbulbs

      Replacing outdated lightbulbs in your new home can create the atmosphere you want and lower your electric bill. Here are...

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      9 Best Ceiling Paint Colors to Consider

      Put down the white paint! Go bold with these ceiling paint color ideas that will take your room to the...

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      How to Organize Your Freezer From Start to Finish

      Follow these simple steps to tame the chaos in your freezer, ensuring it's organized and stocked with food that's safe...

      How to Paint Concrete Floors

      Transform your concrete basement or garage floor with a fresh coat of paint.

      10 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $1,000

      Updating countertops, painting the exterior or upgrading an appliance are simple ways to add big value to your home.

      10 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $500

      A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $500 you can make some...

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      11 Things Coronavirus Has Made People Change About Their Home Lives

      Cleaning more, spending less. Cooking more, shopping less. compiled data showing how people's home-bound norms have changed during this...

      14 Inexpensive DIY Valentine Wreaths for Your Front Door

      Welcome visitors to your home this Valentine's Day with a festive wreath. Get out the craft supplies and try one...

      What is a May Basket and Why Do People Hang Them on Doors?

      Perhaps the sweet tradition of giving May baskets is ready for a reboot.

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      Why Do Some Old Homes Have a Beehive Built Into a Wall?

      A beehive attached on a wall of the home! It may at first seem like a totally alarming occurrence, but...

      50 Super Dangerous Signs That Could Kill a Home Buy

      You might miss some of these signs when viewing a home

      The Pros and Cons to Renovating an Old House

      The pros and cons of renovating an old house

      10 Hazards You Haven’t Thought of at Home

      Learn more about the hazards you haven't thought of at home

      5 Ways to Keep Your Food From Spoiling During a Power Outage

      5 Ways to Keep Your Food From Spoiling During a Power Outage

      10 Tricks to Make Your Computer Run Faster

      Over time, as your computer (and technology in general) ages, your computer is bound to run a little slower than...

      Amazing Repair Products

      Sometimes all it takes is the right product to make a quick and easy fix.

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      The Trouble with Whole House Humidifiers

      Whole-house humidifiers make dry, brutal winters far more comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, the cons of a manual humidifier may out weigh...

      20 Home Renovations That Instantly Add Value to Your Home

      These home renovations are so worth the upfront expense.

      13 DIY Home Improvements You May Not Know You Need a Permit For

      If you're getting ready to start a DIY project, then chances are you've been going through a mental or physical...

      9 Uses for Gutters that Aren’t on the Roof

      Don't put those old gutters in the trash heap just yet! There are many clever and creative ways to recycle...

      36 Almost Unbelievable Plumbing and Electrical Goofs

      Read these DIYers' embarrassing moments stories and DIY fails from plumbing and electrical mistakes.

      Ways Manufacturers Make It Tough for DIY Repairs

      It's an old lament that they just don't build things they way they used to, and there's some truth to...

      12 Helpful Uses For Aluminum Foil Other Than Warding Off Aliens

      Aluminum foil can do much more than just cover food and ward off aliens (although that's still up for debate)....

      100 Home Disasters Waiting to Happen

      It's only a matter of time before these real-life home improvement fails become disasters.