House and Components

A house is much more than just a collection of rooms. Here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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How To Disinfect a Mattress

You and your mattress are pretty close, but when was the last time you disinfected it? A pro shows you how to reduce germs in your mattress.

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Can I Spray Alcohol on My Bed To Disinfect?

Asking if you can do something is not the same as asking if you should. A leading health expert answers...

12 Bedroom Cleaning and Storage Tips

You spend a lot of hours every day in your bedroom. Make sure you're keeping it clean and organized with...

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Are You Ready to Host Holiday Guests This Year?

Make your guests comfortable and save yourself some headaches.

12 Bad Home Decorating Habits You Should Stop Immediately

Are you guilty of these bad home decorating habits? Your design should make sense and not confuse your guests.

13 Surprising Bedroom Items You Should Have Replaced by Now

If you need a reason to splurge on new bedding, we have some good news — it's probably reached its...