House and Components

A house is much more than just a collection of rooms. Here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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How to Mark Nail Placement Without a Pencil

Save yourself a step during your next woodworking project.

Sturdier Shelves

Ordinary clip-in-place shelf brackets with slotted metal supports can hold a lot of weight.

Miters on Tree Branches

Making rustic DIY decor? Learn how to cut tree branches easier with this tip.

How to Create Thick Stock

Some projects built from MDF— shelving, desktops, sometimes even trim—look more substantial when you use thicker material.

My Favorite Cabinet-Hanging Tool

I’ve had these Vise-Grip clamps from Irwin Tools for 25 years, and they’re the only clamp I use for hanging...

Backward Jigsaw

An opening for an electrical outlet in the cabinet back directly below a breakfast bar was close to the counter...

How to Build a Tool Dolly

Build this mobile tool chest and take all your tools to the job in just one trip!

Cabinet Assembly Station

Here’s a third hand that will ensure square, no-hassle cabinet assemblies. Cut four 7-in. long pieces of 2x6 and screw...

Routing to a T

An older-model drafting T-square—the kind with a wooden and plastic crosspiece—makes a great fence for routing dadoes for shelves in...

Quick and Accurate Dado Cuts

Here’s a neat trick to speed up cutting dadoes for shelves and other cabinet projects. Attach a 2-in. high wood fence...

Dado a Rabbet

You can precisely cut rabbets on cabinet and drawer parts if you clamp or bolt a 3/4-in. thick plywood fence...

PVC Socket Shelves

Here’s a great way to use leftover pieces of PVC pipe. Cut them into various shorter lengths and glue them...

Edge-Banding Plywood

There’s no better way to clamp wood edging strips to plywood shelves than with pieces of masking tape.

Running Water for Your Shop

No utility sink nearby? Designate a 300-fl.-oz. spigoted Tide laundry soap bottle as your shop’s water supply.

Flip the Switch

To cut down on plugging and unplugging and flipping switches, try this solution: a power strip with keyholes in the...

On-a-Roll Hardware Headquarters

This plywood cabinet keeps all your screws, washers, nuts, nails and bolts in one spot and ready to roll to...

Perfect Countertop Seams

Here’s a guaranteed method for creating a perfectly matched butt seam between two pieces of plastic laminate.

Waxed and Ready Fasteners

Next time you’re assembling a project requiring a small army of screws, stick the whole batch point down in an...

Pencils at the Ready

Insert pencils into holes drilled in the edges of shelves, or put small screw eyes into the erasers and hang...