Never Install Your CO Detector Like This

A carbon monoxide detector will only keep your family safe if it's installed correctly. We'll show you how NOT to install one in your home. And we'll also show you the correct installation.

Low-Down Detector

wrong way to install a CO detectorPhoto: Courtesy of American Society of Home Inspectors

It’s hard to find anything good to say about the placement of this carbon monoxide (CO) detector. The biggest problem is that it’s not in a good location to detect carbon monoxide. It’s also in a place that’s vulnerable to damage from vacuuming, dirt or a curious child.

The Right Way

correctly installed CO detector

Read the instructions included with your CO detector. In general, you should have CO detectors on every floor, and near every bedroom. Avoid placing CO detectors very near heating or cooking appliances, which could cause false alarms. Since CO is slightly lighter than air, you should try to place CO detectors high on the wall if possible, but at least 6 in. from the ceiling.

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