How to Reinforce Door With Knob Reinforcer

Wrap-around metal plates strengthen exterior doors against break-ins.

Install the doorknob reinforcer

Install a door reinforcer on your entry and garage service doors to help discourage break-ins.

Reinforcers are three-sided metal plates that encase and strengthen the door around the latch, which is a door's most vulnerable area. The reinforcer shown is meant to strengthen door latches (Photo 3), but you can also buy reinforcers that strengthen deadbolts. Install them on fiberglass, wood or steel doors as shown in Photos 1 – 4.

A reinforcer extends the door edge about 1/32 in., and so may rub the door frame of tight-fitting doors. If so, slightly deepen the hinge mortises with a chisel to widen the gap at the latch side. Or chisel a 1/32-in. recess into the door edge so the reinforcer fits flush. Door reinforcers are found at home centers and well-stocked hardware stores.

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