Tips for Easier Gardening

Love to garden but short on time? Here are some tips that will help you plant, water and weed more efficiently so you have more time to stop and smell your roses.

If you love gardening but your life is a busy place, you're going to love this batch of great gardening tips that will help you plant, weed and water your garden more quickly. From bringing plants home from the nursery to easier watering and pruning techniques, these tips will help you plant and maintain a gorgeous garden with less effort. Less weeding and more relaxing…now that's great gardening!

No-stick shovel

Munch-proof your flower bulbs

Rein in an invasive plant

Portable potting

Plant portfolio

Help for root-bound plants

Lighten those heavy pots

Blight-free roses

Easy-read rain gauge

Potted plant transport

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